Egypt: Strike solidarity toolkit

Delegates at TUC congress 2012 send solidarity

UPDATED 29 September
Doctors are the latest to join the wave of strikes which has rolled across Egypt over the past month. Read more here about their struggle for social justice.

Over the weekend of 15-16 September there were strikes by workers in 20 universities, a national teachers’ strike, action by Cairo bus workers, textile workers in Alexandria, local government workers in Sayyid Zeinab area of Cairo, car workers in Port Said, chemical workers in Fayyum and many others.

Strikers have faced attacks from the Muslim Brotherhood government, the police and their bosses.

If you were inspired by the Egyptian revolution in 2011 show your solidarity now

  • Take a picture and send it to us by Twitter (@menasolidarity) or Facebook, or email ( Use the Arabic and English signs below or write your own.
  • Organise a collective message of solidarity from your union branch or work colleagues
  • Send a message of protest to the Egyptian authorities demanding that they respect the right to strike and organise.
  • Organise a film-showing or a meeting




Public Transport workers

University workers

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