Egypt: independent teachers’ unions call for mass protests

Ayman Bialy, deputy president of the Independent Teachers’ Union

The Independent Teachers’ Union in Egypt called on its members to join protests against the Constitutional Declaration announced last week by President Mohamed Morsi.

In a statement issued on Sunday 25 November, the union condemned the “dictatorial decisions” adding “we reject the new Pharaoh, we reject those who who would trade in the blood of the martyrs.”

“These decisions were made by a head of state who came to power through elections, the results of which everyone accepted, and which appeared to mark the restoration of a state of law. … but as soon as he and his organisation came to power they forgot what they had promised, and forgot that the people had offered up martyrs in the cause of dignity, freedom, bread and social justice.”

ٍ”We call on all honourable teachers in Egypt to join the protests on Tuesday 27 November”

Read the full text here (in Arabic)

What you can do:

  • Rush messages of solidarity to the Egyptian independent unions via EFITU ( – please copy to
  • Use this sign to take a picture message of solidarity with the aims of the revolution – you can send the pictures to us via Facebook, email or Twitter (@menasolidarity) and we will forward to colleagues in Egypt:
  • See our solidarity toolkit for signs you can print out in support of Egyptian workers’ right to strike and organise independent unions

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