Egypt: Solidarity message from UK doctors for striking colleagues

Dear Brothers and Sisters
The following doctors, health workers, and organisations express solidarity with the Egyptian Doctors Strike which happened today 1st October 2012. We support your demands for increasing the health spending to 15% of the state budget, for better security for hospital staff and patients, and a minimum wage for medical doctors of LE 3000 per month.

الإخوة والإخوات الأعزاء
الأطباء والعاملين بالقطاع الصحة والمنظمات التالية في بريطانيا تعبر أن تضامنها مع أطباء مصر في يوم إضرابهم 1 أكتوبر 2012
ندعم مطالبكم برفع ميزانية الصحة ل15% من ميزانية الدولة ولتحسين الوضع الأمني داخل المستشفيات لمصلحة العاملين والمرضى و مرتب أساسي للأطباء من 3000 جنيه شهرياً

Dr Ron Singer, on behalf of the Medical Practitioners Union – Unite
Dr Kambiz Boomla
Dr Anna Livingstone
Dr Jack Czauderna
Dr Iain Maclennan
Dr Pam Wortley
Dr Judith Ibison
Dr Alex Verner
Dr Philip Bennett-Richards
Dr Chris Burns-Cox
Professor Steph Taylor
Dr Luise Irvine
Dr Prakash Chandra
Dr Jackie Turner
Dr Fay Wilson

What you can do:

  • Read more on the Egyptian doctors’ strike here
  • Use our solidarity toolkit to send your own message of support


3 thoughts on “Egypt: Solidarity message from UK doctors for striking colleagues

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  2. Thanks Dear Brothers and Sisters
    We hope that the British Government pressures on the Egyptian government to support our rights in a good salary and good medical capabilities and police protection, Medicine is an international responsibility not just an interior governmental issue.

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