Bread, freedom, social justice – build solidarity with workers in the Middle East

On October 20th trade unionists and activists from all over Britain will march against the government’s agenda of austerity, cuts, privatisation and unemployment.

Activists from MENA Solidarity network will be leafleting the march and asking people to send messages of solidarity to workers in the Middle East and North Africa who are also fighting for bread, freedom and social justice.

What you can do

  • Contact us if you can help leaflet the march
  • Take a picture of yourself and colleagues with this poster (Oct 20 poster) on the march and send it to us via Facebook, Twitter (@menasolidarity) or email (
  • Pass the resolution below to get your union branch affiliated to MENA Solidarity Network
  • Share the news of our ongoing solidarity campaigns

Pass this resolution to get your union affiliated to MENA Solidarity Network:

  • This branch notes that the struggles for social justice which gave birth to the Arab revolutions of 2011 are still continuing, as workers around the Middle East fight for a living wage, job security, an end to privatisation and access to welfare, health and education for all.
  • This branch further notes that even in countries where the dictators were overthrown, the struggle for genuine democracy goes on, and in particular the fight to ensure that workers have the right to strike and organise independent unions.
  • This branch welcomes the work done by the MENA Solidarity Network since its establishment in March 2011 to build a broad campaign of solidarity with workers in the Middle East in the trade union movement in Britain.
  • This branch therefore resolves:
    a.         To affiliate to MENA Solidarity Network
    b.         To publicize reports and activities of the Network to our members
    c.         To invite a speaker from the Network to our branch meeting
    d.         To send this resolution to our region / national conference

For more resources including a copy of our constitution, list of current steering committee members and other information go to:




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