Stand with Sudan: Art Appeal

Middle East Solidarity magazine has teamed up with three amazing Sudanese artists who are using their work to raise funds for injured protesters. Read more about the artists here and find out how you can help us with this special appeal by buying posters and making a donation online.

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#Khartoon – Gosh vs the Kandaka – Gosh, the regime’s head of intelligence whose armed men killed so many since the begging of the #sudanuprising in Dec, has been sending his armed man to shoot peaceful protests in the sit-in in hopes to break them, his men have also been shooting randomly in different areas around khartoum to scare families and force people to go back home. The Kandaka is a the Nubian title for Queen which protesters have been calling the women who are leading these protests since day 1. All basher’s men are considering this uprising as life or death situation since they know how much stole, Tortured, killed and raped since they came to power 30 years ago. Please pray for the protesters and their safety and a peaceful exit for Sudan. #تسقط_بس #كنداكات #اعتصام_القياده_العامه #السودان

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Khalid AlBaih

Khalid is a Sudanese artist and political cartoonist who was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1980.
He currently lives and works in Doha, Qatar, where he has been based since 1990. His work features in publications such as The Guardian and Al Jazeera.

Instagram: @khalidalbaih

Alaa Satir

Alaa is a Sudanese artist from Khartoum. She graduated as an architect and currently working as a graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. Since the uprising began in December 2018 she has also created several murals of her artworks.
Her work usually addresses social issues and very often advocates for women’s rights.

Instagram: @alaasatir

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Meet Sit Al-Meizan aptly named by @yousraelbagir , born from Lady Justice – a metaphorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems in Ancient Roman art. Her known attributes are: A blindfold, representing impartiality the ideal that justice should be applied without regard to power, wealth or status. A balance, which she usually holds in one hand to measure a case’s support and opposition. A sword, representing authority in ancient times which emphasises the idea that justice can be swift and final. We are living in trying times, where justice is needed now more than ever. The original photograph is by Marcel van der Vlugt. #sudanprotests #sudanrevolts #sudan #revolution #justice #IAmTheSudanRevolution

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Yasmin ElNour

Yasmin is a Sudanese visual artist mainly using digital collage, but she is an architect by profession. She uses historical Sudanese monuments, local imagery , textures and hues that are all related to Sudan in her work.

Instagram: @kandaka.khronicles

Poster prints of selected artworks are available to order from Bookmarks bookshop ( They will also be on sale at the Middle East Solidarity stall at Marxism Festival 4-7 July.

Prints currently available – size A3, cost £4

  • Khalid Albaih – Gosh vs Kandaka
  • Alaa Satir – We are the Revolution
  • Yasmin ElNour – Sitt al-Meizan

All proceeds from the appeal will go to the Sudan Doctors’ Union-UK fund for aid to injured protesters.
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