Egypt: Postal workers move towards new union

Representatives from the Higher Committee of Employees in the Postal Service in Egypt met on 15 April to discuss their on-going campaign in protest at the Minister of Communications’ refusal to agree to postal workers’ demands over the management of the postal service. The meeting also agreed to form a founding committee to complete the process of registration as an independent union for postal workers.

The meeting was attended by delegates from Alexandria, Burg al-Arab, Kafr al-Shaikh, Mahalla al-Kubra, Cairo, Giza, South October, Fayoum, Inspectorate Division, Beni Sueif, Minya and the General Secretariat in Cairo.

 Adil Hisham, a postal worker from Beni Sueif said “Alongside supporting workers’ demands, we’ll be working on setting up our independent union as quickly as possible. … Now is the time for workers in Egypt to set up independent organisations to defend themselves from the bosses’ attacks, and to unite their demands in the wake of the victory of the 25 January revolution which opened the door to all workers to get organised and speak with one voice.”

Source: Centre for Socialist Studies, Cairo. Original here.

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