Egypt: Teachers’ demands

Statement of demands by the Egyptian Independent Teachers Syndicate, April 2011 – original posted here
Translation by Hannah El Sisi

The Independent Teachers Syndicate submits on behalf of the union members of Egyptian teachers, and participants in the Egyptian revolution, the following demands to Dr. Essam Sharaf, Prime Minister:

1 – Amending the legislative structure for education, those materials that detract from the constitutionality of civil education, transforming it into an instrument of social discrimination, and abolition of all laws that have violated the rights of teachers and ruined education, such as the “Kader” law and the law of quality staff, the article 139 and the Educational Jobs Syndicate Law.

2 – The need to repeal the Law of the Union of Educational Professions, as it is a glaring example of corruption as indicated by hundreds of proofs. And every teacher retains in their pocket evidence of the corruption that the union represented, in the membership card bearing the name Union of Teachers whilst the name of the union by virtue of Law and in formality is the Union of Educational Professions, ultimately this represents fraud.

3 – A pledge that the basic wage for the teacher will start at 3000 EGP at the start of the appointment and taking into account allowances. And this can be achieved through reducing the maximum attainable salary, so as not to exceed more than 6 times the minimum salary. (ie. 18000 EGP)

4 – To maintain the dignity of the teacher and to ensure a decent life for him to help him carry out his duties, and banning private tutoring by enacting a firm law and tightening punishment for those who go against it.

5 – The appointment of all teachers on the job (regardless of the type of contract, existence of contract whether teachers share contracts or are on temporary contracts of various types. As well as the abolition of temporary based employment of various kinds in the field of education immediately and unconditionally for those who have worked for more than one academic year.

6 – Adoption of a basic wage of at least 70% of the total remuneration.

7 – The unification of the terms and conditions of work between all schools (government, national, private, international.)

8- Replacement of assessments of the budget cuts to teacher’s salaries and school staff as they (the National Institutes – Ministry of Education – Educational Administration) have compulsory deductions from the budget of schools, [annex a copy of the deductions.]

9– To stop the annual renewal for school administrators and heads in order to maintain stability, as there is no legal provision to that effect, and this is contrary to the law of state employees.

10 – Restoring the integrity of the educational process and correcting it, and this is by not allowing the intervention of parents in the educational process, which leads to a kind of chaos and confusion. Where the educational process has become the place for controversy and media talk, further undermining and taking from the sanctity of this institution.

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