Online teach-out: Solidarity with the Women, Life, Freedom uprising in Iran

Wednesday 7 December – 4-5.30pm
(Speakers’ contributions and discussion 4-5pm, planning practical action in solidarity 5-5.30pm)

Join this online event to learn more about what trade unionists and student activists can do to build international solidarity for the Women, Life, Freedom uprising in Iran. Since the security forces killed Mahsa Jina Amini, a young Kurdish woman on September 17 this year, thousands have taken to the streets across Iran to defy repressive sexist laws imposing compulsory hijab on women under the slogan ‘Women, Life, Freedom’. Beyond protesting the compulsory hijab, women are also protesting forty years of systematic oppression, discrimination, and inequality. Protesters have called for an end to all forms of dictatorship and strikes have erupted in the education sector, oil and steel industries. The response of the Iranian regime has been brutal repression, killing hundreds, arresting thousands and launching intense attacks on cities in Kurdish areas. 

Speakers include: Peyman Jafari (College of William and Mary, historian of Iran’s labour movement) and Iranian student activists

Supported by Cambridge UCU, Cambridgeshire NEU, Cambridge TUC, Cambridge University Student Union, MENA Solidarity Network

 Register in advance for this meeting: 

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