Solidarity with the Sudanese teachers’ strike on 28 November

Sudanese teachers are fighting for investment in schools so that all children can access education for free, to reform the curriculum after decades of dictatorship, and for decent pay and working conditions for educators. The strike is being organised by the Sudanese Teachers’ Committee. They have created ‘escalation committees’ and ‘strike committees’ in provinces across the country, mobilising demonstrations to build up momentum for the strike. At the same time they are resisting the military coup which took place in October 2021. Teachers were among the first groups of trade unionists to take to the streets after the coup. The military government is trying to stop them organising independent unions by trying to revive the fake government-controlled unions of the old dictator, Omar al-Bashir.

  • Rush messages of solidarity to the Sudanese Teachers’ Committee on Facebook or email us at and we will pass the message on
  • Download a poster to print out and take a solidarity photo on your picket line. Share with us on Facebook or by email. [poster Sudanese teachers]
  • Go to our strike solidarity action page for more info on what you can do to support Sudanese workers in struggle

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