Middle East Solidarity magazine – Issue 13 – Viral Resistance? Out now

Middle East Solidarity magazine is now available to download. During the Covid-19 crisis we are suspending our print publications temporarily, but you can help support our work by making a donation for your copy below. Click to take out an annual solidarity subscription. Download your pdf of the current issue here. Check here for previous issues.

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In this issue … Our collection of feature articles look back at a year of popular revolts and forward to the intensifying crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Sudan continues to resist

Revolutionary organisations are stepping into the gap left by the failures of the state.

Algeria’s year in the streets

Shelagh Smith draws up a balance sheet of the popular movement and Kamal Aissat analyses Beijaia’s general strike.

‘We just want them all to go’ – Iraqi protesters

Irang Bak speaks to Iraqi activists about the wave of mass demonstrations demanding radical political and social change.

Refugees and the Lebanese revolution 

Sophie Chamas discusses the hopes and contradictions at the heart of Lebanon’s rebellion.

First person

‘You can’t liberate the land without liberating women’

Manar Raje and Haya Abu Shukhaidem speak out on violence against women in Palestine.

A letter from Raqqa

Khaled, who survived three years in hiding during the ISIS occupation of Raqqa sends a message of solidarity to locked-down London.

Gaza’s daily struggle for survival

Ibtisam speaks to Dave Clinch about Palestinians’ fears over coronavirus after years of Israeli attacks on Gaza’s health system.

News reports

Coronavirus crisis hits region

Hospitals in firing line in Syria offensive

Secret police benefit from Egypt-Israel gas deals


Saudi state spreads the virus of sectarian hate

The Shi’a community is being scapegoated by the regime writes Ameen Nemer. 

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