‘Stop the Saudi arms ship’ say Genoa dockers

‘Stop the arms trade – war against war’

Dockers in Genoa are mobilising to try once again to stop the loading of war materials on the Bahri Yanbu, a Saudi ship which Amnesty International says is part of a fleet that has ferried millions of dollars of arms to the war in Yemen. The latest news from Genoa indicates that the ship will attempt to dock on 17 February.

‘Join us to block this death traffic’ – Collettivo Autonomo Lavoratori Portuali

“In the last months at the port of Genoa, a mobilization started by the harbour workers has stopped the boarding of war materials heading to Saudi Arabia and destined to the war in Yemen. Analogue demonstrations supporting the block of arms trafficking have been held in other European ports (Le Havre and Marseilles, and before that in Bilbao) against the ships of the Saudi company Bahri, which supplies with arms and military means all the Middle East. The war winds haven’t stopped yet, as it is very well demonstrated by dramatic developments tied to the war in Syria, the conflict in Libya and the USA aggression in Iraq.

These are bloody conflicts reaping victims every day, devastating territories, pushing thousands of people to abandon their countries and emigrate. The industrial military complex is among the numerous responsible actors of this escalation in league with governments always ready to approve politics to sack the natural resources in various zones of the world. The combined disposition with an economical crisis not solvable within the capitalistic and neoliberal system makes war a constant factor in our society, but to stop them is possible. We have to start from our territories and boycott war at our own home.

The 17th February a new ship laden with weapons will get to Genoa, the Bahri Yanbu. As workers we are calling all the supportive town to join us to block this latest death traffic. We are asking all the workers, citizens, trade unions, political forces to support this block and turn this day into an opportunity to fight against war, for the peace among peoples and the oppressed. We invite everybody to respond to the call. From war production to its logistic, from military bases to research centres, the mechanism of war is wide and widespread and everybody is allowed to put in place autonomously what each one will be able to.

War against war ! Peace among peoples !

What you can do:

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