Solidarity conference discusses Arab revolutions four years on

Abdi Suleiman, Owen Jones and Ala'a Shehabi at the final session of the conference

Abdi Suleiman, Owen Jones and Ala’a Shehabi at the final session of the conference

Around 140 people took part in lively discussions at our conference on 13/14 February exploring resistance and solidarity in the Middle East four years after the Arab Revolutions of 2011. Speakers from Morocco, Bahrain, Egypt and Syria discussed topics as diverse as sectarianism and counter-revolution, workers’ struggles and the battle for social justice, prospects for Palestinian liberation. Audio and video from most of the sessions is available here to listen online, and we hope to publish accounts of the other sessions shortly.

Have counter revolutionary forces crushed the Arab uprisings? – Audio

Speakers: Gilbert Achcar (Author: The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprisings); Maryam Al-Khawaja (Gulf Center for Human Rights); Sameh Naguib (Egyptian revolutionary socialist activist)

Sectarianism, ISIS and counter revolution – Audio

Speakers: Sameh Naguib (Egyptian revolutionary socialist activist); Joseph Daher (Syrian activist)

Neoliberalism, the workers’ movement and the struggle for social justice – Audio

Speakers: Anne Alexander (MENA Solidarity); Mohamed Boutayeb (Moroccan trade union activist and former political prisoner)

How can we win democracy in the Middle East and North Africa? – Audio

Speakers: Sherif Azer (Egyptian human rights activist); Miriyam Aouragh (University of Westminster); Ali Abdulemam (Bahrain Watch)

Sustaining resistance new tactics in transnational solidarity activism – Audio

Speakers: Sai Englert (SOAS BDS campaign), John Horne (Bahrain Watch), Sarah Waldron (Campaign Against the Arms Trade)

Challenging power, building solidarity – Video

Speakers: Ala’a Shehabi (Bahrain Watch), Abdi Aziz Suleiman (NUS Black students campaign), Owen Jones (Author: The Establishment – and how they get away with it), Anne Alexander (MENA Solidarity)

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