Trade unionists, journalists and academics condemn confiscation of Egyptian activists’ assets

Egypt Solidarity

Film-maker Ken Loach, Irish civil rights activist and journalist Eamonn McCann, the Communication Workers’ Union general secretary Billy Hayes and leading academics from Oxford, Cambridge, London and other UK universities yesterday signed a statement condemning the latest moves by Egypt’s military regime to clamp down on opposition activists. Published in The Guardian’s print edition this morning, the letter draws attention to a recent decision by Egypt’s prosecutor general to freeze the assets of 112 individuals, claiming that they are members or supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, outlawed by the military regime last year. Among those targeted are leading members of left and liberal groups.

The real political purpose of the seizure of assets is revealed by the inclusion on the list of Haitham Mohamedain and Hisham Fouad of the Revolutionary Socialists, Amr Ali of the 6th April Youth Movement and Khaled el-Sayyed from the Youth for Justice and Freedom Movement…

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