Meet Sisi’s British backers

Egypt Solidarity

The Egyptian Economic Development Conference (EEDC) which drew nearly 2000 delegates to the seaside resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on 13-15 March provided Abdelfattah el-Sisi’s regime with a chance to show off its “reforming” credentials to international investors and global politicians. The “reforms” in question are of course, all economic. The corporate and government heads attending the conference are unlikely to have asked any awkward questions about other “reforms” which el-Sisi’s military regime has ushered in since seizing power in 2013, such as the notorious anti-protest laws and this year’s new “counter-terrorism” law which turns every peaceful gathering on the steps of a government building or in a public square into a potential “act of terrorism”. The organisers were clearly taking no chances, however. According to the Guardian’s report, the conference wifi blocked access to Human Rights Watch’s website.

Sisi may rule Egypt with an iron fist, but he still…

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