UK: Solidarity message from Egypt for May 10 public sector strikes

A message of support from Egypt for the public sector strikes on 10 May…

“Solidarity from Egypt. I support public service and health workers strike against government cuts in pensions. Also in Egypt we face privatisation plans for the health service which will decrease the rights of both doctors and patients.”

Dr Mona Mina, member of the Egyptian Doctors’ Union National Executive Committee

“Solidarity with the May 10th strike of British health and public service workers against cuts in pensions. In Egypt , we are in also in an ongoing struggle against the same neoliberal attacks on our health and public services, our  wages and conditions and privatization.

We are fighting for social justice and ask for your solidarity against military repression here, where the army is using tear gas and other weapons, many of which are supplied through the UK Government, to attack people protesting for our rights.”

Manar Hussein, Doctor, Cairo; Ragy Bebers and Ahmed Attia, Doctors, Port Sa’id; Mohammed Shafik, President Independent Hospital Workers’ Union Manshiet al-Bakri Hospital Cairo


The revolutions which swept the Arab world in 2011 brought millions onto the streets against dictatorship as well as seeing huge waves of strikes for social justice. But in Egypt, where protests in Tahrir Square and strikes by hundreds of thousands of workers brought down Mubarak last year, the dictator’s old generals are still in charge.

The army regularly attacks protesters, and has criminalised strikes. Hundreds of demonstrators including students and volunteer medics were arrested during protests on May 4 in Cairo. They are facing trials in military courts.

The British government proclaimed solidarity with ‘the Arab Spring’ but in reality has done much to help the dictators who want to stop the revolutions and turn back the clock. David Cameron visited Egypt last year with a bunch of arms dealers in tow, and the government approved millions of pounds-worth of arms exports to the region last year.

If you were inspired by seeing millions of Egyptians take to the streets against dictatorship and poverty last year, then stand with them now.

What you can do:

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