Egypt: Tell Cameron and Tantawi – N30 strikers are in solidarity with Tahrir

Join the campaign – Cameron’s mates sent tear gas to Tahrir. Let’s send a message from our strike to Cameron and Tantawi: hands off our brothers and sisters who are fighting for freedom!

What you can do:

  • Add your name to the statement below from public sector strikers and share with colleagues and friends.
  • Write to David Cameron and Lord Freeman (, a director of tear gas manufacturer Chemring who and tell them what you think of their role in supporting Egypt’s generals attempts to crush peaceful protests. You might like to mention the death of Dr Rania Fouad, a volunteer medic in Tahrir who died from tear gas inhalation on 22 November.
  • Download the poster, and take a picture of yourself and colleagues on the picket lines on November 30 and send it to us. Email: or via Facebook:

A statement by public sector strikers in solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution

On November 30 we will be taking strike action with millions of our colleagues to defend our pensions, jobs and public services from attack by David Cameron’s government. For many of us, this is the biggest fight of our lives. Hundreds of thousands who strike that day will never have been on strike before.

We have a simple message for the revolutionaries in Tahrir Square and workplaces across Egypt. We stand with you in the struggle for social justice, and we send our solidarity to you in the battle to end military rule.

Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, arrived in Tahrir Square a few months ago, with a gang of arms dealers in tow, to cut a deal with Egypt’s generals and profit from the repression of the 25 January revolution.

As workers we do not have tear gas, or rubber bullets, or armoured cars. But our collective power when we strike is greater than all of these combined.

So we have a simple message for both the Egyptian and British governments on 30 November: we are with our brothers and sisters in Tahrir Square. We will not stand by and let you collude in crushing their protests. When we strike for our pensions, we will also shake Cameron’s government in solidarity with Tahrir.

Dave Carr, UNITE NHS London organiser
Anna Owens, Branch Secretary, PCS Euston Tower Branch
Nick Grant, NUT NEC member
Mark Campbell, UCU NEC member
Andy Reid, PCS NEC member
ٌRachel Eborall, UNISON East London Mental Health
Sue Bond, PCS Vice President
Mark Wood, UNITE NEC
Zita Holbourne, PCS NEC
Sara Bennett, UNITE NEC
Mark Wood, UNITE NEC
Karen Reissmann, UNISON NEC (pc)
Liz Lawrence, UCU NEC

To add your name to this statement add a comment below or email

11 thoughts on “Egypt: Tell Cameron and Tantawi – N30 strikers are in solidarity with Tahrir

    • We won’t have a specific ‘bloc’ because our activists will be spread out through the demo with their own unions – but we’ll be at the Euston Tower PCS picket line at around 9.30 and then we’ll be going to join the RMT feeder march from RMT head office round the corner at 39 Chalton Street from around 10.30. We’ll be collecting photos of striking workers in solidarity with Tahrir all day – please email with your contact details if you’d like to help.

  1. The Egyptian revolution continues to inspire all who have had enough of neo-liberalism,
    Imperialism and the rule of the rich!

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  4. im an ordinary man,worker,trades unionist and socialist.ive been very moved by the courage of brothers and sisters across the world standing up against repression,tyranny and any and all aspects of this rotten decaying capitalist system that oppresses and exploits us all-the majority,the 99%,the working class.

    i am appalled but unfortunately not surprised by the con-dem gang exporting tear gas and probably worse for use against our brothers and suisters in egypt,and syria,bahrain and many other injury or death is acceptable.

    not only do i want to endorse this statement by adding my name but i have and will continue to write about and campaign on these and many other issues whenever and wherever i can.

    lets make,and win”the fire,this time”

    paul summers,NAPO member and activist

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