Egypt: Dr Rania Fouad – murdered by SCAF

The killing of Dr Rania Fouad, a recently qualified doctor who was working in one of the makeshift field hospitals treating injured protesters near Tahrir Square on Tuesday 22 November underlines the brutal nature of the war that Egypt’s generals are willing to wage against their own people.

Rania was working in the hospital when it was attacked by the police with tear gas. She passed out from inhaling the gas and according to eye-witnesses the police then prevented her companions from reaching an ambulance and she later died.

Show your solidarity with the protesters in Tahrir:

  • Share and add your name to the messages of support sent by healthworkers from London  to their colleagues in the Tahrir field hospitals.
  • If you are in London, join the march at 12 noon, 26 November, meet at Edgeware Rd tube station.

3 thoughts on “Egypt: Dr Rania Fouad – murdered by SCAF

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  3. inna lillaahi ma akhadha wa lahu ma a’ata wa kullu shay ‘in ‘indahu bi’ajalin musamma.
    Innaa lillaahi wa inaa ilaihi ra’je’oon
    rahimallaahu ukthana wa arwaah ash-shuhada’i jamee’an.

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