Event: RMT hosts meeting on ‘Palestine’s fight for freedom’ 24 Oct

London Transport Region of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) has called a meeting to discuss how trade unionists in Britain and round the world can support the Palestinian fight for freedom.

In commemoration of International Workers’ Day, the Palestinian trade union movement formed the: Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS (PTUC-BDS). In July 2011, the London Transport Region RMT voted by 12 branches to 1 (1 abstention) to fully support the PTUC-BDS Statement including the call to sever links with the Israeli Histadrut. While the matter has been referred to our National Union for consideration RMT London Transport Regions offers this meeting as an opportunity to open the debate wider still within the trade union movement. Join the debate at this historic revolutionary juncture in the Middle East and North Africa.

Guest speakers:

Ilan Pappe – author, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Dr Adam Hanieh – Department of Development Studies, SOAS
Anne Alexander – MENA Solidarity Network
Moshe Machover – Israeli Socialist
Hugh Lanning – Chair, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Deputy General Secretary, PCS

Monday 24 October, 6pm
SOAS Vernon Square Campus (Penton Rise, near King’s Cross)
Room V111

Supported by SOAS Unison and SOAS UCU


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