Bahrain: Manchester protest highlights medics’ plight

20 protestors organised by the Bahrain Solidarity group and supported by the Manchester Trades Council, human rights group RAPAR and MENA Solidarity Network, challenged Shaikh Mohammed bin Isa al-Khalifa, member of Bahrain’s ruling family at the “Doing Business in Bahrain” seminar in Manchester on 14 October.

The demonstration highlighted the repression meted out by the Bahraini government in revenge for the uprising earlier this year. Hundreds of medical professionals worldwide have signed a petition in protest at long jail sentences handed down by the courts against doctors, nurses and other healthworkers who treated injured protesters. Add your name here

Matthew is a nurse at the Manchester Eye hospital, he told Socialist Worker newspaper: “I had to be here today, so I took a days leave. In my union branch I will be raising the plight of the nurses and doctors and trades unionists from Bahrain who have been sent to prison. Top businessmen may not be concerned about what is happening, but health workers are.”

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