UPDATED: Stop the war in Sudan – join the international protests on 29 April

Sudanese organisations around the world are organising demonstrations on 28 and 29 April to call for an end to the war in Sudan. According to information received by MENA Solidarity demonstrations will take place in:

  • Berlin (28 April)
  • Amsterdam, London, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow, Rome, Barcelona, Hamburg, Hanover, Milan, Naples, Munich, Reykjavik, Malmo, Nicosia, Vienna, Brussels, Turin, Porto, Bergen, Melbourne, Queensland, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Kitchener, Paris, Nantes, Geneva, Padova and other cities globally (29 April)
  • Birmingham, Madrid (30 April)
  • Edinburgh – fundraising event (30 April)
  • Trondheim (01 May)


Stop the War in Sudan

  • Ceasefire now – stop the killing
  • Send humanitarian aid
  • No military or diplomatic support to the warmongers
  • Sudanese refugees welcome – open the borders
  • Solidarity with the Sudanese Revolution

Join the protest outside Downing Street, 1-5pm, Saturday 29 April

Called by the Sudanese Revolutionary Movement in the UK and others, supported by MENA Solidarity

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