Call for solidarity with the Sudanese people: The Alliance of Demand-based Campaigns (TAM)

Before the current catastrophic descent into the heavily armed battles between Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), having its roots in the Janjaweed militia, the democratic transition in Sudan had already been stumbling in the military and paramilitary power struggle, and the humanitarian situation had already been dire, with 16 million of the Sudanese population in need of urgent aid.

Now, civilians in the Capital districts and Darfur states are unprotected from heavy artillery and denied access to medical care, drinking water, electricity, and food supplies. Moreover, attacks on WFP and UNOCHA facilities and workers were reported in Darfur and against hospitals in Khartoum. The assaults, together with the run-out power sources and medical supplies, took 39 Khartoum hospitals out of service, leaving only 20 hospitals with minimal operational capacity. Civilians in the Northern and Kurdufan states are under similar threats.

The rejection of war by the Alliance of Demand-Based Campaigns (TAM) is based on our fundamental position of human beings’ right to live safely and the right to life. TAM calls on Sudan friends, peace lovers around the globe, and the democratic world to solidarize with Sudanese people and support their aspirations expressed in Sudan’s revolution slogan; freedom, justice, and peace.

We demand:

  • An immediate ceasefire
  • Immediate humanitarian aid
  • The demilitarization of Sudanese cities and all civilian-inhabited areas.
  • The  restoration of the path towards a democratic transition and support for the civil government once it takes place by canceling Sudan’s debt, establishing economic partnerships, and providing diplomatic support.

Furthermore, calling on your governments to prevent foreign interventions that provide arms, and logistic and intelligence support can help to avoid sliding into a civil war and a completely failed state.

The Alliance of Demand-Based Campaigns (TAM)

Office of External Relations

Read an interview with Khaled Taha from TAM here in the recent issue of Middle East Solidarity magazine

What you can do:

  • Download this statement here
  • Read more on the background here
  • Send a message to the Sudanese authorities via the Sudanese embassy in your country and by making a statement on social media calling for an immediate ceasefire, and the creation of safe passages to evacuate the wounded and provide emergency supplies. 
  • Call on the British, US and other foreign governments to halt all arms transfers, military and diplomatic support to the Sudanese Armed Forces and Rapid Support Forces AND the regional powers such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel and Egypt which are fuelling the conflict. They must rush humanitarian supplies to Sudan, confirm that they will cancel Sudan’s debts once the military junta is replaced by a democratic civilian government and that the military and militia leaders responsible for this bloodshed will not benefit from diplomatic immunity or be accorded any legitimacy whatsoever. 
  • Rush donations for medical supplies to the Sudan Doctors Union – UK appeal here 
  • Share the messages from Sudanese organisations detailed here widely – support their calls for a ceasefire, humanitarian aid and the demilitarization of Sudanese cities and residential areas.
  • Join peace protests organised by Sudanese activists abroad- keep up to date via our Facebook page

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