Out now – Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 18

Issue 18 – ‘A revolt against the whole regime’ – Iranian activists speak out

available from March 2023

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Middle East Solidarity magazine is now available to download. You can help support our work by making a donation for your copy below. Click to take out an annual solidarity subscription. Download your pdf of the current issue here. Order print copies from Bookmarks Bookshop.

Cover story
The uprising has entered a revolutionary dynamic
Peyman Jafari, a historian of Iran’s labour movement, analyses the revolt which has gripped Iran since the police murder of Jina Mahsa Amini in September 2022.

Down with the oppressor
Mass protests and strikes once again swept Iran in the week of 5 December. Middle East Solidarity interviewed women’s rights activist Parinaz Partow and social activist and former political prisoner Haydeh Ravesh about the uprising a few days later.

How and why are young people in Iran participating in the uprising
Child rights activist and researcher Hamidreza Vasheghanifarahani discusses how school students and young people across Iran have built a mass rebellion against the regime.

Against climate change, against dictatorship
Egypt’s authoritarian regime was happy to portray itself as leading the fight against climate change at COP27. Miriam Scharf and Hamza Hamouchene analyse how in reality the summit entrenched debt-fuelled investment benefiting the military dictatorship.

Activists called for boycott
The Sisi regime’s attacks on Egyptians’ rights prompted calls for climate activists not to attend COP27.

Sudan at the crossroads between revolution and repression

Activists Khalid Sidahmed, Mohammed Siddeq and Rania Obead analyse the current crisis in Sudan.

‘Power belongs to the people’ – Khalid Sidahamed
‘A wolf as a hunting dog – the coup leaders fall out’ – Mohammed Siddeq
Building an alternative from below – Rania Obead
Choices for the Sudanese Resistance – report by Mohammed Siddeq

The people demand change
An interview with Khalid Taha of the Alliance of Demand-based Campaigns

Campaign reports

Sudan Solidarity conference links activists and trade unions
Sudanese unions join anti-racist protests
Campaign continues for Leeds student handed harsh Saudi sentence
Boycott campaigns target Israeli apartheid
Climate justice activists stand in solidarity with Egyptian prisoners

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