Sudanese doctors’ union sends “unlimited solidarity” to NHS strikes

Rush messages of support for Sudanese health workers, teachers, students and other workers who are battling a brutal military dictatorship as well as spiralling costs of living. Email

We in the Sudanese Doctors Syndicate declare our unlimited solidarity with the Royal College of Nursing, NHS and ambulance workers through the Middle East and North Africa Solidarity Network.

We are fully aware of the deterioration of the health services in Britain due to the deterioration of wages and the failure to improve the safety of patients. Previously, health services in Britain were exemplary in terms of organisation and functionality.

We in Sudan are also suffering from the deterioration of health services, the draining of hospitals’ resources, the conversion of health services into investment opportunities. Meanwhile, Sudanese citizens are dashing between private hospitals, which they cannot afford in the light of the deteriorating economic conditions.

We stand firm with your urgent demands
Long live trade union solidarity
Long live the struggle of the workers for the restoration of rights

Ehsan Faqiri
Member of the Executive Office responsible for the external relations office.

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