Event: Solidarity with the Sudanese Revolution: one year after the coup – 6 November 2022 (London and online)

Freedom, Peace, Justice 

This conference will bring together trade unionists and activists from Sudan and Britain to learn from each other and build solidarity for each others’ struggles for social justice and against political repression and attacks on workers’ rights.

It will take place a year after the military seized power in Sudan on October 25 2021 and will reflect on the development of the massive popular movement there which has continued to mobilise millions behind demands for civilian rule through protests, strikes and civil disobedience. It also comes after months of strikes in both Britain and Sudan demanding better pay and working conditions in the face of a massive cost-of-living crisis. 

The popular movement in Sudan has been led by grassroots revolutionary organisations – neighbourhood resistance committees, independent trade unions and professional associations. Several resistance committees have now issued political declarations calling for far-reaching democratic reforms and opposing any compromise with the military dictatorship. They are demanding an end to the organised robbery and extortion by the army and militia generals who dominate the Sudanese state and much of the economy.

Having emerged from 30 years of dictatorship and war through a popular uprising against Omar al-Bashir which began in December 2018, this mass movement of ordinary people is still fighting to turn their hopes of ‘freedom, peace and justice’ into reality, despite terrible repression.

The Sudanese revolution urgently needs solidarity from around the world to amplify the demands for real change, genuine democracy, economic justice and an end to military rule being raised in the streets and workplaces.

This conference aims to:

  • Build solidarity for the Sudanese revolution and resistance to military rule
  • Create networks between trade unionists and activists from Sudan, Britain and beyond and share experiences of  democratic union organisation out of workers’ strikes and struggles. 
  • Pressurise the British government to end military and diplomatic support for the coup leaders and the regional powers (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel) backing them
  • Publicise the leading role of the Resistance Committees and other popular bodies in the Sudanese revolution

Affirm our solidarity with Sudanese refugees as part of wider campaigns to welcome all those fleeing war, repression and climate change

Date: Sunday 6 November 2-5pm London time / 4-7pm Khartoum time
In-person event: Resource for London, Holloway Road, London, N7
Online event: on Zoom 

Book a ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/solidarity-with-the-sudanese-revolution-one-year-after-the-coup-tickets-419270087117 

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1298105937608979

Sponsoring organisations include: MENA Solidarity, National Education Union (Britain), University & College Union (Britain), Sudanese Teachers’ Committee (Sudan), Edinburgh TUC (Scotland), Doctors in Unite – if your organisation would like to sponsor the event please contact us action@menasolidaritynetwork.net

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