Sudan strike solidarity – resources and messages page launched

Striking workers and activists in Sudan and Britain have begun to exchange messages of solidarity as strikes rise in both countries. In Sudan workers’ struggles over pay and conditions take place in the context of the on-going revolution, as a mass movement led by the neighbourhood-based Resistance Committees continues the struggle for democracy against the military regime which seized power in a coup in October 2021, following two years of joint military-civilian rule after the uprising which swept the dictator Omar el-Bashir from power in 2019. Meanwhile in Britain, ordinary people face the biggest rises in living costs for a generation with spiralling energy bills generating a massive social crisis. Strikes took place in summer 2022 by railworkers, communication workers and port workers, and ballots are taking place in other sectors.

MENA Solidarity began to collect and exchange messages of solidarity between activists, unions and campaigns in both countries in response to the call for a general strike in Sudan on 24 August, which was later postponed. We will continue to update a dedicated page with solidarity messages as strikes are continuing in Britain and Sudan with growing calls for coordination and escalation. Send a message by emailing us or connecting on Facebook.

We of course welcome messages of solidarity with the Sudanese revolution from anywhere in the world!

>>Read the solidarity messages here

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