Sudan strike solidarity – resources and messages

Striking workers and activists in Sudan and Britain have begun to exchange messages of solidarity as strikes rise in both countries. In Sudan workers’ struggles over pay and conditions take place in the context of the on-going revolution, as a mass movement led by the neighbourhood-based Resistance Committees continues the struggle for democracy against the military regime which seized power in a coup in October 2021, following two years of joint military-civilian rule after the uprising which swept the dictator Omar el-Bashir from power in 2019. Meanwhile in Britain, ordinary people face the biggest rises in living costs for a generation with spiralling energy bills generating a massive social crisis. Strikes took place in summer 2022 by railworkers, communication workers and port workers, and ballots are taking place in other sectors.

MENA Solidarity began to collect and exchange messages of solidarity between activists, unions and campaigns in both countries in response to the call for a general strike in Sudan on 24 August, which was later postponed. We will continue to update this page with solidarity messages as strikes are continuing in Britain and Sudan with growing calls for coordination and escalation. Send a message by emailing us or connecting on Facebook.

We of course welcome messages of solidarity with the Sudanese revolution from anywhere in the world!

28 November – ‘We’re all on strike’ – Sudanese Teachers’ Committee poster

Update: Solidarity with the Sudanese Teachers’ Strike

Teachers across Sudan are on strike on 28 November 2022. They are fighting for investment in schools so that all children can access education for free, and for decent pay and working conditions for teachers. The strike is being organised by the Sudanese Teachers’ Committee. They have created ‘escalation committees’ and ‘strike committees’ in provinces across the country, mobilising demonstrations to build up momentum for the strike. At the same time they are resisting the military coup which took place in October 2021. Teachers were among the first groups of trade unionists to take to the streets after the coup. The military government is trying to stop them organising independent unions by trying to revive the fake government-controlled unions of the old dictator, Omar al-Bashir.

Rush messages of solidarity to the Sudanese Teachers’ Committee on Facebook or email us at and we will pass the message on

التضامن مع الاضرابات في السودان – شخصيات و رسائل –النسخة العربية هنا

Messages of solidarity from Sudan

We commend the struggles of the British trade unions and support your demands. We send greetings to the trade union meeting on Saturday August 20 in Portsmouth. Our sit-in achieved 90 percent of our legitimate demands. We take this chance to convey to you our solidarity in the name of the Alliance of Demand-based Bodies (TAM), the Resistance Committees, and the Miners’ Division, and we stress the unity of the goals and slogans connecting ordinary people across the world. Social justice is a way out of the global poverty trap. Rights and freedoms are indivisible. The sit-in at Al-Obaidiya calls for the victory of the British trade unions in their struggle.  We want to build a movement without borders to raise the demands of ordinary people. The impoverishment of the majority for the benefit of a rich minority is clearly unjust. Big corporations are the source of great misery. Strikes and protests are a human right. Access to life-saving medicines is part of the right to life. Lives before profits. Laying off workers is a crime against society. Consciously raising demands will bring about change and win us our rights. Positive solidarity is a human duty. Together towards unions expressing the will of the people. We stand in solidarity with those who stand in solidarity with us. Rights do not stop at any border. Together towards the eradication of colonialism and exploitation! 

The Alliance of Demand-Based Bodies (TAM)

The Sudanese Teachers’ Committee stands in full solidarity with the unions and workers in Britain in their movement to improve the living conditions of the workers in Britain and to stop the brutal exploitation of workers by capitalism.

Long live the struggle of the working class all over the world.

Executive Office of the Sudanese Teachers’ Committee

Messages of solidarity from Britain

We are gravely concerned about the the continued repression and assault on human  rights  by the Sundanese military  government of General Abdel Fattah al Burhan .Of particular concern has been the role of the Raid Support Force (Janjaweed) in the torture ,rape, imprisonment and murder of Sudanese activists ,trade unionists and workers. At the same time we have been inspired the courage, determination and organisation of the Resistance Committees and Trade union activists. We are aware of a recent national strike by teachers and efforts to build independent trade unions.

We welcome the call to  trade unions by the Resistance Committees to strike on the 24th August. And we send a message of solidarity to our brothers and sisters in the unions who will be striking. As trade unionists in Britain we hope to build an international movement across the world’s  borders. We share the same interests in common in our fight equality democracy freedom and social justice. Victory to the Sudanese workers. Victory to the Sudanese Revolution

Ian Hodson, General Secretary, Bakers Union, BFAWU
Mary Callaghan, National Executive Committee, Unite
Julia Mwaluke, National Executive Committee , UNISON
Steven Shaw, National Executive Committee ,The National Union of Railway Maritime & Transport Union, (RMT)
Carol Coltman, Branch Secretary ,Wigan, Retired Members 
Ameen Hadi Assistant Branch Secretary, Salford UNISON 
David Semple, Personal & Commercial Service Union (PCS), Wigan Area Secretary 
Barry Conway, Branch Committee National Education Union (NEU), Wigan 
Paul Gaskell, Assistant Branch Secretary, Wigan UNISON
David Lowe, Branch Secretary, Wigan & District Trades Council

I am the Chair of Doctors in Unite, the doctors branch of Unite the Union, the biggest trade union in the UK. We send solidarity greetings to all of you. Your courageous stand against the repressive regime in the face of mass poverty is an example to us all. We hope that tomorrows general strike is solid and that it provides a spring board for continuing action that brings about real and lasting change for a fairer society run by the people for the people. Solidarity

Dr Jackie Applebee GP, Chair of Doctors in Unite.

Barts Health UNITE the UNION Branch (representing NHS workers in the City and East London) at our branch meeting on 24 8 2022 unanimously expressed our continued solidarity with the Sudanese Revolution and strikes and demonstrations by the workers, fellow trades unionists, and wider resistance movement against the military coup last October, condemning the brutal repression of workers including hospital staff. We support the call from a general strike now postponed because of the terrible flooding. Posted as branch officer on behalf of the branch.

Anna Livingstone on behalf of Barts Health UNITE branch

Solidarity to all those workers in Sudan standing up against government oppression. Your fight is an inspiration to all of us who want to see a world where working people are treated with justice, a world where production is for people’s needs not for the greed of a tiny minority. 

Barnsley Trades Union Council wishes you success in your actions.

George Arthur, secretary BTUC.

As an executive member with Britain’s National Education Union, I send my solidarity to the general strike and all those fighting the coup regime in Sudan. Workers’ action is central to resistance.

Simon Murch, Joint Branch and District Secretary, Sheffield National Education Union, National Executive NEU

Victory to the Sudanese General Strike – all power to them!

Maire Kelly (via Facebook)

Dear Comrades, 

Sending you solidarity with your struggle against the military coup. 

The work of the Resistance Committees, the independent unions, and of all the peoples of Sudan fighting for bread, peace and justice are an inspiration to our class everywhere. Everyone suffering oppression, exploitation and injustice can draw lessons from your determination and your bravery. 

Lenin said, ‘In their struggle for power the proletariat have only one tool, their organisation’. 

The general strike is a powerful weapon. Solidarity with all those organising for August 24th and the struggle onward. 

Miriam Scharf, NEU International Solidarity Officer Newham District and IS National Organising Forum (in personal capacity) 

As an Industrial Liaison Officer for Britain’s Unite Community Union, I send my solidarity to the general strike and all those fighting the coup regime in Sudan.

Wishing you victory in your brave struggle! Your victory will be a victory for all workers in the world.

The workers united will never be defeated.

Kate Hunter, Industrial Liaison Officer
Berkshire, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Unite Community

Massive solidarity for your general strike and revolutionary struggle. All power to the people!

Hugh Stanners Norfolk National Education Union member

As a union representative with Britain’s CWU union, I send my solidarity to the general strike and all those fighting the coup regime in Sudan.

As with all struggles against reaction, workers activity is crucial to the resistance.


Adam Cochrane, CWU (pc)