Repression of Sudan protests sparks international solidarity

Leading trade unionists, journalists and activists from Britain, the US and Europe have condemned the attacks by the Sudanese military on protesters demanding civilian rule and democracy during massive protests since 30 June. Journalist and author Gary Younge, National Education Union join General Secretary Dr Mary Bousted, the NEU’s national President Daniel Kebede and Jake Bowers of the Romany, Gypsy and Traveller anti-racist campaign Drive 2 Survive are among the initial signatories to a protest statement published on 3 July, along with hundreds of trade union representatives and activists.

The statement condemns Western governments’ complicity in the killing of protesters and the Sudanese military regime’s relentless attacks on Sudanese citizens mobilising for their democratic and social rights, including teachers who were beaten, tear gassed and arrested during their strike for better pay earlier this year.

We are appalled that Western governments continue to lend legitimacy to this brutal regime which tramples on basic democratic rights, kills protesters with impunity and attacks striking workers. It is not enough to call for “full and transparent investigations” into the killings and offer “condolences” to the families of those murdered, as the UK embassy in Khartoum did on 1 July. 

Solidarity statement

The signatories are calling on Western government to break their links with the Sudanese junta and enforce “a strict embargo on arms and equipment which could be used to suppress protests.” In addition to covering direct transfers, powers such as the USA, Britain and European governments must take action to stop their close allies, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel and Egypt “from providing military supplies and diplomatic cover for the coup leaders.”

What you can do:

  • Add your name to the statement here
  • Download a copy of the statement to print and take to picket lines and meetings. Completed copies can be scanned and emailed to
  • Send a message of protest to the Sudanese embassy in your country
  • Write to officials of your government calling on them to break all links with the Sudanese military regime

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