Out now! Middle East Solidarity issue 17

Issue 17 – War in Ukraine and the politics of bread, oil and guns

available from July 2022

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Cover story
Bread, oil & guns
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had profound effects on the Middle East. Irang Bak and Anne
Alexander look at how rising food prices are hurting the poor, while oil sales rocket and arms deals

Sudan: Resistance continues
Sudan’s Resistance Committees have been leading the popular mobilisations against the military
coup. Osman Ahmed Sir AlKhatim explains their role in the revolution.

Sudan’s teachers on the frontlines of revolution
A speciall pull-out section reproduced from our NEU conference newsletter

Two decades of the ‘War on Terror’
More than 20 years after the September 2011 attacks, Irang Bak and Ameen Nemer analyse the devastating impact of the US drive to dominate the Middle East in alliance with authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia

Israel brands Palestinian civil society as ‘terrorist’
Bernard Regan analyses what lies behind the Israeli government’s attack on Palestinian human rights and labour organisations.

News reports
General strike in Tunisia shows potential to resist the coup
Journalist Shireen AbuAkleh was killed by Israeli forces, UN finds

Campaign reports
NEU stands with Sudanese teachers
Hunger strike vigils for Alaa Abdelfattah and Egypt detainees
British government takes aim at BDS and free speech on Palestine
Algerian socialists banned in latest crackdown
UK trains Bahraini police while political prisoners abused

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