Urgent: 9 killed, hospitals and medical staff attacked by Sudan security forces during 30 June protests

At least 9 people have been killed as security forces cracked down ruthlessly on protests demanding an end to military rule across Sudan on 30 June. The internet has been shut down and doctors’ organisations have reported that the security forces attempted to storm hospitals where injured protesters are being treated and attacked medical staff. This urgent statement has been received from the Unified Doctors Office in Sudan:

Statement from the Unified Doctors Office in Sudan

June 30, 2022


We have witnessed several attempts from the security forces to attack hospitals in Khartoum state, as well as the medical staff who is working tirelessly to treat the injured during today’s demonstrations.

To the brave people of Sudan, we are working on all lines to treat the injuries of our people who suffer from the cruelty and oppression of their leaders whose sights are clouded by the authority.

We warn the coup council against violating health facilities and abusing the medical staff, this may lead complete withdrawal from all hospitals without exceptions.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs.

– Central Committee of Sudan Doctors

– Sudan Doctors’ Syndicate

– Sudanese Consultants and Specialist Committee



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