Bahrain: Background briefing and model motion for union activists

MENA Solidarity, advocacy organisation Bahrain Watch and Bahraini human rights activists at the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy have worked together to produce a background briefing for trade unionists on the situation in Bahrain. We’ll be distributing the briefing the annual congress of lecturers’ union UCU next week, or you can download copies here. bahrain_briefing_2014_front bahrain_briefing_2014_back

The briefing includes background on the role of trade unions in the 2011 uprising, repression of students and lecturers, and information about the UK government’s collusion with the Bahraini regime’s human rights abuses, as well as the model motion below. Contact us on if you would like a speaker for your meeting.

Model resolution on Bahrain

1. This union notes that three years after the 2011 uprising was brutally crushed, Bahrainis are continuing to protest and campaign for democracy and social justice.  We recognize and support the Bahraini people’s demands for a fully democratic government, freedom of speech and assembly, an independent judiciary, free and independent trade unions, and basic social rights such as a living wage, affordable housing and secure employment.

2. This union further notes the wrongful imprisonment and torture of ordinary Bahrainis, including medics, teachers and academics, merely for protesting for basic democratic rights and treating injured protesters.

3. This union also notes the collusion of the British government in repression of protests in Bahrain by strengthening its military and commercial ties with the regime.

4. This union therefore calls for:

a. The immediate release of, and dropping of all charges against, all political prisoners in Bahrain.
b. An end to all UK arms sales to Bahrain.

5. This union further resolves:

a. To send a message of solidarity to political prisoners in Bahrain.
b. To write to the Foreign secretary William Hague demanding an end to arms sales to Bahrain and the immediate release of all political prisoners.
c. To circulate information about the situation in Bahrain amongst our members and to invite a speaker from MENA Solidarity, BahrainWatch or the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy to address our next meeting.
d. To affiliate to MENA Solidarity at a cost of £25 and to make a donation of £…… towards solidarity campaign costs.

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