Video: Haitham Mohamedain speaks out about his arrest

Egyptian labour lawyer Haitham Mohamedain gives a full account of his arrest and detention in this interview with Gigi Ibrahim. Haitham’s arrest on 5 September sparked an international campaign for his release and protests across Egypt.

He thanked all those who had supported him, adding: “this amazing and powerful solidarity had the greatest impact in limiting the Prosecution’s interrogation of me.”

Haitham is still under investigation for a range of serious “crimes” – political charges based on his revolutionary activism. And he warned that the authorities are looking to intimidate anyone who opposes the current military-backed government.

Read more here about what you can do in solidarity.

Note: if subtitles do not appear in the embedded video, click on the video to watch it on YouTube and click on captions to turn on subtitles

2 thoughts on “Video: Haitham Mohamedain speaks out about his arrest

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