UPDATED Egypt: Emergency statement on the military crackdown

Emergency statement on Egypt – initial signatures were handed in on Wednesday 21 August, but we will continue to send through protests after that date. Last update: 7 September

We are appalled by the killing of hundreds of protesters by the Egyptian security forces and army during the forced dispersal of supporters of former president Mohamed Morsi from protest camps in Cairo on 14 August. We also note with grave concern a wave of attacks on Christians and churches across Egypt in the wake of the dispersal of the protest camps.

Meanwhile the armed forces have intervened to break up workers’ strikes, such as the sit-in at Suez Steel, where two workers were arrested on 12 August. They are now facing charges which could see them jailed for 3-5 years. This follows on from repression of striking workers under the Muslim Brotherhood-led government, which included attempts to forcibly conscript striking rail workers in April 2013 and the use of police dogs to break up a sit-in by Portland Cement workers in February 2013.

When the Egyptian Revolution began in 2011, it lit a beacon of hope across the world with its slogan of bread, freedom and social justice. Today the Egyptian Army is trying to drown that hope in blood. Its leaders want to turn back the clock and restore Mubarak’s state to life. The military-backed government has imposed a State of Emergency, and is reviving Mubarak’s security police.

That is why we continue to stand with Egyptians’ struggle for social justice, genuine democracy, and the right to organise and strike. We will mobilise solidarity for those murdered, arrested and prosecuted for exercising their right to hold their rulers to account through protests, strikes and at the ballot box.

We call for:

  • an immediate lifting of the State of Emergency
  • the next elected government to bring to justice the perpetrators of all crimes both against protesters and against the Christian community
  • the Egyptian authorities to respect all Egyptian citizens’ rights to freedom of expression and association including the right to strike, and to cease all prosecutions which violate these democratic rights
  • Britain, the US and all foreign governments to cease all aid and arms sales to the Egyptian Armed Forces and police

Signatories (in a personal capacity) – See below for how to add your name

Sue Bond (National Vice-President, Public and Commercial Services Union – PCS); Andy Reid (National Executive, PCS); Marianne Owens (National Executive, PCS); Nick Grant (National Executive, National Union of Teachers – NUT),  Tom Hickey (University and College Union – UCU), Simon Hester (Chair, HSE Branch, Prospect), Unjum Mirza, RMT; John McDonnell, MP, Mary Compton, (NUT Past President); Nick Dearden (Jubilee Debt Campaign)

Anne Alexander, UCU  ‑Aamna Mohin,  ‑ABDELLAH ASSAFO, MOROOCO ‑Abelardo Clariana-Piga,  ‑Abigail Manning,  ‑Adam Cochrane,  ‑Aderemi Adeyeye,  ‑Adria Porta Caballe, University of Essex Students Union General Representative ‑adrian rutter,  ‑Adrien Nicolas, France ‑Afzal Tahir, Kashmir International Front/Chairman ‑Ahmed Omar Gamal,  ‑Aidan Pettitt, PCS  ‑Aidan Phillips,  ‑Aiden Lawler, SWP ‑akad orna, D’aam ‑Alan Gibson, National executive member, National Union of Journalists ‑Alan Rae, UNITE / IS Network ‑Alan Theasby, Unite Community member (NE), former director of Middlesbrough Mind and former Chair “New Ideas” – Middlesbrough Mental Heath Involvement Forum. ‑Alasdair Smith, Islington NUT, President ‑alex claxton-mayer, Unite community ‑Ali Che, ATTAC MAROC ‑Ali Sargent, NUS/Swp Gb ‑Alice Mennie,  ‑Alison lord , UCU equality officer ‑Allister Mactaggart, UCU ‑Amal hamad,  ‑Amanda Sebestyen, NUJ ‑Ammie El-Atar,  ‑Amy Gilligan, NUS NEC ‑Andrew “ozzy” Osborne, Chair of Unite London & Eastern Electronics & Electrical Engineering RISC ‑Andrew Collingwood, UCU (personal capacity) ‑Andrew Cooper , NUT ‑Andy Coles, UCU ‑Andy Coles, UCU ‑Andy Cunningham, UNISON, Chair North West Higher Education Committee (personal capacity) ‑andy godfrey,  ‑Andy Smith, Unite ‑Andy Wilson, IS Network ‑Aneta Piatkowska,  ‑Angela Cowan, UCU ‑Anindya Bhattacharyya, Tower Hamlets SWP ‑Anna Livingstone, BMA and MPU/UNITE ‑Anna Livingstone, MPU/UNITE and BMA ‑anna owens, PCS ‑Anna Rytel,  ‑Anne Cooper,  ‑Anne Fox, Unison ‑Anne Saxon, Retired, Unison ‑annie nehmad, UNITE ‑Antony Schofield, Unison ‑Aris Martinelli, MPS ‑Arjun Mahadevan,  ‑Arnie J, University of East London ‑Arnold Gasana,  ‑arran evans, UNISON ‑Arthur Good, Unite ‑Ashleigh louise Field,  ‑Assaf Adiv, WAC MAAN ‑aya habib, normal Egyptian  ‑Baba Aye, Socialist Workers League (Nigeria)/National Chairperson ‑Barrie Levine, UCU and Social Work Action Network (SWAN) steering group  ‑Barry Blinko, UNISON ‑Basem Khader,  ‑BELLA Mustapha,  ‑Bernard Goyder,  ‑Bert Gedin,  ‑Bettina Trabant, Nuj ‑bilij, attacmaroc ‑Bill Onasch, ATU Local 1287 ‑Billie Loebner, UCU rep ‑Bo Stefan Nielsen, International Socialists (Denmark) ‑Bob Brecher, UCU ‑BUNNY La Roche, UNITE ‑Camille Tsang,  ‑Can Irmak Özinanır,  ‑Can Nacar,  ‑Carlo Di Giovambattista, SOS scuola Italy ‑Carlo Morelli, UCU Assistant Secretary Dundee Uuiversity ‑Carlos Borrero,  ‑Carlos Borrero,  ‑carol lindsay smith,  ‑Caroline Ridgway, Unison – Co Branch Secretary ‑Cate Roberts, Unison ‑Catherine Wright, UCU ‑Cathy Bergin, UCU ‑Cecilia Love, Cardiff Council ‑Cecilia Love, Cardiff Council ‑Celia Hutchison, BECTU union representative ‑Charles Brown, UCU ‑Charles Post, PSC-CUNY/AFT 2334 ‑Charles Pottins, Brent TUC, assistant secretary, GLATUC ditto ‑Charlie Kimber, SWP national secretary ‑Charlotte Sands,  ‑Chico Villela,  ‑Chris, Exeter Left Unity ‑Chris Denson, NUT Coventry Joint Divisional Secretary ‑chris rees,  ‑Christian Clark, Unite ‑Christian Hill, Unite ‑Christian Ronse,  ‑Christian Zeller, Prof. of Economic Geography, University of Salzburg, Austria ‑Christina Purcell, UCU ‑Claire Chandler, Unite/SWP ‑Clare Fermont, ACTS/UNITE ‑Clare Winter, Unison ‑Colin Barker,  ‑Colin Crane, National Union of Teachers ‑Colin Falconer, Gauche Anticapitaliste (France) ‑Colin Wilson, UNITE ‑Connor Kelly,  ‑coral jones, hon sec City & Hackney BMA ‑Cordelia Mayfield,  ‑Cort Greene,  ‑Cort Greene,  ‑Craig Lewis, Ucu ‑Craig Lewis, UCU ‑Cris Johnson, Thanet SWP member of ‑D Hill, NUS  ‑Dafydd Roberts,  ‑Dalia Gebrial,  ‑Dan Clawson, Massachusetts Teachers Association, Board of Directors ‑Dan Swain, UCU ‑Daniel Rehahn, MU ‑Daniel Werst, International Socialist Organization (US) ‑Danny Tartaglia,  ‑Darren Tolliday, UCU ‑Dave Davies, Divisional Secretary, Hackney NUT ‑Dave Edgar, UCU Past President ‑Dave Merrick, UNISON  ‑Dave Muritu, UCU ‑Dave Roberts, unison steward (pc) ‑Dave Roberts, unison steward (pc) ‑Dave Wood, UCU ‑David , am hrd  ‑David Bush, Solidarity Halifax, Rankandfile.ca  ‑David Garner, Artist ‑David Hollings, NUS ‑David Hughed, Vice Chair Unison Birmingham Local Government Branch ‑David Letwin,  ‑David Mullen, GMB ordinary member ‑David St Vincent, British Association of Journalists ‑David Stothard, UNISON ‑David Thomas, Solicitor ‑David Wearing, PhD candidate – School of Oriental and African Studies ‑Davide Salvia, MPS-Suisse ‑Dean Harris, WF UAF Coordinator ‑Deborah Farrelly,  ‑Deborah Murray, ESL Teacher ‑Delia Lomax, UCU/SRMB VP ‑Demetrio Gómez Ávila, Ververipen, Rroms por la Diversidad, PRESIDENTE ‑Dennis Kortheuer,  ‑Denys Danielle,  ‑Dermot Smyth,  ‑Dermot Smyth,  ‑Dick Brown, NUT ‑Doctor Mike Cole, UCU ‑Dora Carpenter-Latiri, UCU ‑Dora E. LAFAZANI, Associate Professor, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece ‑Dr Ben Hart, MPU/BMA ‑Dr Brian Robinson, Medical Practitioners’ Union (MPU) ‑Dr Elizabeth Lawrence, UCU Vice President ‑Dr John Parrington, UCU/University of Oxford ‑Dr Kambiz Boomla, British Medical Association ‑Dr Karen F Evans, UCU ‑Dr latiri lamia,  ‑dr mary edmondson, unite the union mpu section ‑Dr Rebecca scott, BMA ‑Dr Sarah Gregson, NTEU branch president and national councillor ‑Dr. Thomas Rieger,  ‑dr.Mohammed M salah Eldin,  ‑Drew McEwan, UCU ‑Duncan Smith, Unison City of Edinburgh Branch Chairperson ‑Duncan Smith, Unison Branch Chairperson City of Edinburgh ‑E.H. Quintana,  ‑ed ross, soas ‑ed ross, soas ‑Eddie-Bruce-Jones,  ‑eileen cook, EIS/ULA ‑Eileen Short, National Union of Journalists/Unison ‑elane heffernan, chair hackney ucu & ucu women’s committee ‑Elena Loizidou,  ‑Eleni Papageorgiou, Deport Racism ‑Elfatihi Hajar , النه ‑Elizabeth Cross,  ‑Ellie May, North London SWP ‑Elvan Can, University of Essex ‑Elzbieta Buslowska,  ‑Emmanuelle Clopeau, CGT ‑Emre Yılmaz, istanbul University ‑Erdal Uzunlar,  ‑Eurig Scandrett, UCU branch president ‑Evan Johnston, PhD student, McMaster University ‑Fathieh,  ‑feona lall, guyana ‑Ferhat Khwaja,  ‑Fernando Freitas, Forum Permanente dos Ex-presos e Perseguidos Politicos do Estado de São Paulo ‑Fernando Freitas, Forum Permanente dos Ex-presos e Perseguidos Politicos do Estado de São Paulo ‑Fırat Erin,  ‑Flavio Guidi, Unione Sindacale di Base ‑Francesca Manning, GMB ‑Fred Lindop, UCU (retired members) ‑Gareth Dale, UCU ‑Gareth Jenkins, UCU ‑Geoff Dexter, Birmingham Socialist Workers Party ‑George Arthur, NUT ‑Gerry Downing, Brent TUC/Socialist Fight ‑gerry lecointe, CWU ‑Gill George, Unite Health Sector National Committee ‑Gillian Scott, UCU ‑Giulio Iocco, Egyptian Revolution Solidarity Group – Leeds ‑Graham Richards, Unison ‑Guy Zurkinden, Syndicat des Services Publics – Switzerland ‑Guyou, NPA france ‑Hammes El Hassane,  ‑Handala, Free poeple ‑Hannah Dee, Defend the Right to Protest ‑Harald Etzbach,  ‑Harita Meenee,  ‑Harry Ellis-Grewal, Socialist Party ‑hassan maaras, اشتراكي ثوري المغرب ‑hassan maaras, اشتراكي ثوري المغرب ‑hassan maaras, اشتراكي ثوري المغرب ‑heather ashworth,  ‑Heike Schaumberg,  ‑Helen askew , unite ‑Helen Ingram, UNITE Parliamentary Branch ‑Helen Jones, Doctor tower hamlets ‑Helen Lewarne,  ‑Helios Alonso Cabanillas,  ‑Hermann Rupp, ver.di ‑Hibist Kassa,  ‑hibjs,  ‑Hilde Stephansen, UCU / The Open University ‑Huw Williams, Unison South Glos ‑Ian Allinson, UNITE Executive Council member ‑Ian Bradley, Unite the Union London and Eastern Construction Branch Treasurer ‑Ian Crosson, UCU membership sec Tower Hamlets College ‑ian heath,  ‑Ian Hood, UNISON ‑Ian Mckendrick, Oxfordshire UNSION Health Branch (Communications officer) ‑Imogen Probyn-Gibbs,  ‑Inge Höger , DIE LINKE, MP ‑ioanna ioannou, ucu rep ‑ioanna ioannou, ucu rep ‑Irene Woodhead,  ‑Ismail manouzi, Courant Almounadila -Maroc ‑Jack Czauderna, MPU (Unite) ‑Jack Robertson, NUJ ‑jackie alsaid, International Lawyer ‑Jackie Applebee (Turner), BMA Chair of Tower Hamlets Division and on London Regional Council Executive, also UNITE MPU ‑Jackie Shellard,  ‑Jacques, NPA ‑Jacqui Freeman, NUT/ SWP ‑Jafar Ramini,  ‑Jaime Vever, ret. TWU local 100 NYC ‑Jake Douglas, UCU Branch Secretary, CONEL/IS Network ‑James Clark, CUPE 3903 ‑James Cussens, UCU (Uni of York branch secretary, PC) ‑James Eaden, President: CHesterfield and District Trades Union Council ‑James Ivory-Taylor,  ‑James Karpinski,  ‑James Nowlan, Unite the Union ‑Jamie Allinson, Lecturer, Westminster University ‑Jan Brown,  ‑Jane Hardy, UCU National Executive ‑Jane Hardy,  ‑Janet Hudgins,  ‑Janet Portman, UNISON ‑Janet Sang,  ‑Janine Silga,  ‑jannie,  ‑Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal,  ‑Jeff Goodwin,  ‑Jelena Timotijevic, UCU National Executive Committee ‑Jenifer Flintoft, Secretary, Portsmouth Palestine Solidarity Campaignb ‑Jennifer Fraser, Birkbeck UCU, Joint President ‑Jennifer Leow, BECTU ‑Jenny Morgan, BECTU ‑Jenny Russell, Left Unity Northampton ‑jeremy dear, NUJ (former General Secretary) ‑Jessica Martin, International Socialist Organization US ‑Jessica Martin, International Socialist Organization US ‑Jessie Normaschild,  ‑Jilna Shukla ,  ‑Jim Barlow, UNITE ‑Jim Board, Doncaster UNISON – Convenor ‑JIm Hutchinson, Gateshead NUT ‑Jo Cardwell ,  ‑joan quirke, Unite/activist ‑Joanne Landy, Co-Director, Campaign for Peace and Democracy ‑Joe Catron, National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981) ‑Joe Kelly, International Socialist Canada ‑John Geoffrey Walker, Chair, Ruskin UCI (personal capacity) ‑John L Kirkland, Carpenters’ Local Union 1462. Bucks County, PA, personal capacity ‑Jon Gamble, PCS ‑Jon Woods, Chair Portsmouth City Unison ‑Jonas Liston, NUS ‑Jonathan Maunder, National Union of Journalists ‑Jonny Jones, NUJ ‑Jonothan Pickering, PCS ‑Jordan Rivera, unison ‑Joseph Healy, UNITE Vice Chair London & Eastern LGBT Committee ‑Josh Lees, Socialist Alternative (Australia) ‑Judy Atkinson, MPU ‑JUDY KOCH,  ‑Jules Alford, IS Network ‑Julie Bremner, PCS Branch Chair ‑JULIE WEBSTER, PCS ‑juliet ash, UCU ‑Karen Pfeifer,  ‑Karen Reissmann, UNISON NEC (personal capacity) ‑Kate Mayer, GMB ‑Kath Grant, Secretary, NUJ Manchester and Salford Branch ‑Katy McAuley, NUT Retired member ‑keith flett, Secretary Haringey TUC ‑Kelley Arbuckle,  ‑Kelly Hannah-Rogers, UNITE / Steward ‑Ken Muller, Assistant Secretary, Islington NUT ‑Khalil Secker, British Medical Association ‑Klaus Laqueur,  ‑Kristina Hedges, UNISON branch chair ‑Kyri Tsappas,  ‑lagfoule bouchra,  ‑Laura Hayes,  ‑Laura Landolt, Oakland University, Associate Professor ‑Laura Miles, UCU NEC ‑Laura Nolan, NUT ‑Leeroy moxam, unemploy ‑leigh fielding, Chair UCU TMC Branch ‑Leila Zadeh,  ‑Len Arthur,  ‑Lene Junker, Denmark ‑leo santos-shaw, ucu ‑Lesley McGorrigan, National Executive Committee, UCU ‑Lewis Nielsen, Sussex Uni Socialist Worker Student Society  ‑linda williams,  ‑Liz Beck,  ‑Lois clifton,  ‑Lorraine Kaimal,  ‑Louis Bayman, UCU ‑Luiza Sandru,  ‑Luke Stobart, UCU ‑Lynda Holmes, UCU Strathclyde ‑Lynne Segal,  ‑M. Bijleveld,  ‑Maeve Landman, UCU ‑Maggie Falshaw, UNISON Healthcare ‑maggie page,  ‑mahdi elaounia, maroc ‑Manel Ros Salvdor, En lluita (Catalan Countrys) ‑manning goodwin,  ‑Margaret Stone,  ‑Marian Larsen, Dan.Pal.Friendship. ‑Mark Abel, UCU Brighton Uni ‑Mark Campbell, UCU National Executive Committee ‑Mark Dunk, Unite ‑Mark Nevill,  ‑Mark O’Reilly, UCU ‑Martin Chapman, Unison Senior Steward ‑Martin Empson, CaCC Trade Union group ‑Martin Lynch, Dudley NUT Division Secretary; ‑Marty Goodman, TWU Local 100, New York City ‑Marven Scott, Unite Equalities Officer ‑Marwa Janini,  ‑Mary Ann Clawson, Wesleyan University/Middletown, CT/USA ‑mary compton, NUT Past President ‑Mary Scully, IUR-CWA Local 201 (Retired) ‑Matt Hale, Sheffield Left Unity, Coordinator ‑Matt Hale, Sheffield Left Unity, Coordinator ‑Matt Hale, Sheffield Left Unity, Coordinator ‑Matthew Cookson, UCU union branch chair, EHWLC ‑Mehrdad Shahabi,  ‑Mehrzad ,  ‑Melissa Graham, International Socialists ‑Menaka Chaaminda,  ‑Mercedes Sanz,  ‑Mette Hermansen,  ‑Micah Love, International Socialist Organization ‑Michael Cahill,  ‑michael foulkes, unite ‑Michael Lavalette, Preton City Councillor ‑Michael Letwin, Former President, Association of Legal Attorneys/UAW Local 2325; Labor for Palestine (U.S.) ‑Michael Letwin, Former President, Association of Legal Attorneys/UAW Local 2325; U.S.-MENA, Global Solidarity Network ‑Michael Marten, UCU – University of Stirling ‑Michael W Evans,  ‑Mick Woods, Fælles Fagligt Forbund ‑Mike “Biff” Anderson, International Socialist Organization – DC Branch ‑Mike Arad, Da’am Workers Party ‑Mike Carver, Unite ‑Mike Cushman, Membership Secretary, LSE UCU ‑mike kelly, NUT ‑Mike Killian, TfGM Unison Br Officer (pc) ‑Mikhil Karnik,  ‑Mireia, SWP ‑miriam scharf, officer newham NUT  ‑Mitch Mitchell, Defend the Right to Protest/Muscician’s Union ‑mohammad taher, pflp ‑Mona Dohle, Unite ‑Morten Glinborg Rasmussen, IS/Enhedslisten Denmark ‑MOURABIT BRAHIM, ATTAC MAROC ‑Moustafa Sharaf,  ‑mumtaz Ahmed Khan, UCU ‑N Jordan, NUT ‑nadav franckovich, koah la’ovdim (power to the workers) ‑Nadia Edmond, Falmer Branch Secretary ‑Nadine El-Enany , Lecturer, Birkbeck School of Law, University of London  ‑Nadine Saliba,  ‑Natalie Harper,  ‑Natalie Woychesko,  ‑Nathan Stuart,  ‑Nayana Chakrabarti,  ‑neil, Rogall ‑Neil Davidson, UCU ‑Neil Kirkland, RMTU ‑Neil Roberts, National Union of Journalists ‑Neil rogall, UCU ‑Nicholas Levis, Occupy ‑Nick Bray, Unison ‑Nick Dearden , Jubilee Debt Campaign  ‑Nick Evans, UCU (Oxford University) ‑Nick James, UCU ‑Nicola Pratt, UCU Warwick university branch member ‑Nigel Newton- smith, GMB  ‑Noha Arafa, ALAA/UAW 2325 ‑Norma buddle, NUT ‑Nuhaila Carmouche,  ‑Nusrat bukhari, unison ‑nzar abdullah, Communist Union in Iraq ‑Ole Wiedenmann, UCU ‑Ollie Vargas, Unite ‑Orla Murphy,  ‑ouahid asry, attac maroc ‑oudor mouloud, almonadil-a maroc ‑Owen Holland, Cambridge UCU hourly-paid rep (pc) ‑Pam Watts,  ‑Pamela Wortley,  ‑Parisa Nasrabadi, Alternative Magazine ‑Pat Riordan, GMB shop steward ‑Patricia Campbell, UNISON (retired member) ‑Patricia McManus, UCU  ‑Patricia McManus, UCU ‑Patrick Ainley, UCU ‑Patrick Letschka,  ‑Patrick McAuslan, Professor of Law Birkbeck College ‑Patrick Scott, National Union of Journalists ‑Patrick Yarker, UCU  ‑Paul Denison , OPSEU Steward ‑Paul Denison, OPSEU Steward ‑Paul Lenart, IWW, Reno GMB, Delegate ‑Paul Murphy, UCU ‑Paul Packham, Unite/Branch Secretary EM/DE51 ‑Paul Power, NUT representative ‑Peadar O’Grady, Irish Medical Organisation ‑Pete Cannell, UCU ‑Peter Constable, Leeds Antifascist Network ‑Peter Robinson, Unite Community ‑Peter Solenberger, Solidarity ‑Petros Constantinou, councillor Athens municipality ‑Phil Tsappas, UNITE ‑Phil Turner, NUJ, South Yorkshire Branch vice-chair, FoC “Rotherham Advertiser” Chapel. ‑Phil Vellender , UCU ‑Philip Gasper, Madison College, Wisconsin, USA ‑Prof Malcolm Povey, UCU LA Officer ‑Prof. Kevin j. Brehony, UCU, Prof. University of Roehampton  ‑Professor Bill Bowring, UCU ‑Professor Mike Gonzalez, Glasgow University ‑Rafaela Apel ,  ‑Rafik Khalfaoui, Lcr-Sap – Belgium ‑RAFIQ Khalid,  ‑Raphael Salkie, UCU ‑Raymond Deane,  ‑Raymond Morell, Unite London and Eastern Regional Committee ‑Rebeca Dawson ,  ‑Rhiannon Lockley, UCU ‑Rich Moth , UCU ‑Richard Bradbury, OUBUCU ‑Richard Chessum,  ‑Richard Donnelly, Kingston TUC ‑Richard Lighten, Secretary, Manchester Trades Council (pc) ‑Richard McEwan , UCU NEC ‑Riera Ataulfo, Avanti ‑Riya Al’sanah ,  ‑Robert Brenchley,  ‑Robert Mertzig, sociologist ‑Robert Owen, Croydon NUT, Young Members Officer ‑Roberto J Mercado,  ‑Roderick Cobley,  ‑Ron Senchak, Pres StW Manchester ‑Ron Singer, Chaiir of Unite Doctors ‑Ruth Braham,  ‑Sadie Fulton, UNISON, Local Organiser (personal capacity) ‑Sally Farrer,  ‑Sally Kincaid, Divisional secretary Wakefield and district NUR ‑Sam Birnie, NUT ‑Sam Madison-Jammal,  ‑Sam Pryke, UCU ‑sam robson, CGT Union (Madrid) ‑Samir Dathi, Officer of Stop the War ‑SANDRA LAURA MARZETTI,  ‑Sandra Turner, Unite ‑sanimir sekulic,  ‑Sarah Cox, NUT retired member ‑Sarah Creagh, Socialist Workers Party ‑Sarah Keenan, SOAS ‑Sarah Parker,  ‑sarah pigott,  ‑Sartaj Khan, Revolutionary Socialists Pakistan ‑Sasha Simic, USDAW Shop Steward ‑Sean Cumming,  ‑sean vernell, UCU NEC  ‑Sean Wallis, UCU NEC, London Region UCU Secretary (HE), President UCLUCU,  ‑Shanice McBean,  ‑Shanice McBean,  ‑Sheila McGregor, NUT representative (ELTA), personal capacity ‑Shereef Ismail,  ‑Shereen prasad, Unite ‑Shirley Franklin, UCU ‑Simon Englert, UCU ‑Simon Martin Halstead, Unison ‑Simon Strange, NUT ‑Sirley Lima,  ‑Somaye Zadeh, Musicians Union ‑Sonja Coquelin,  ‑Søren Goard, Goldsmiths Student Union/NUS ‑Stella Hawker , unite  ‑Stephen Brackenridge, Unison ‑Stephen Lintott, Unison ‑Steve Campbell, Unison ‑Steve Cox,  ‑Steve Edwards, UCU ‑Steve Wilkins, Secretary Medway Trades Union Council ‑stuart cox, Labour Party member ‑Sue Blackwell, UCU ‑Sue Caldwell, NUT ‑Sue Ellery,  ‑Sue Sparks, Unite ‑sueann moore,  ‑Susan McDowell,  ‑Susan O’Connell,  ‑Suzanne Hagan,  ‑sybil cock, Tower hamlets Jenin Frienship ‑Sylvia Posadas, Kadaitcha ‑tali klagesbrun, ma’an  ‑Tariq Khan,  ‑Tereza CABRAL Oyagi,  ‑Thomas Lery,  ‑Tim Gopsill, CPBF/editor ‑Tim Goulet, Pipefitters local 274/ International Socialist Organization ‑Tim Snow, UCU ‑Timothy Lewis Evans, National Union of Teachers, Trades Council delegate ‑Tom Delargy,  ‑Tom McVitie,  ‑Tom Mycock, Unite, Leicester Education Branch EM/LE ‑Tom Wood,  ‑Tomas Tengely-Evans, NUS, NUJ & Unite (education) ‑Tomasz Kitlinski, UCU ‑Tony Greenstein, Unison – Brighton LG welfare officer ‑Tony Harper, NUT ‑Tony Nuttall, Unite, Unison, Secretary Barnsley Save Our NHS ‑Tony Phillips, Branch Secretary, UNISON London Fire Authority ‑Tony Staunton, Chair, Plymouth Trades Union Council / Unite the Union ‑Tracie Harris,  ‑Tracie Harris,  ‑Tracy Walker,  ‑Tracy Woods,  ‑Udry Charles-André, Economist ‑Umit Yildiz, UCU ‑Urs Sekinger, vpod-ngo/Switzerland ‑VALERIE LANNON,  ‑Vasantha Raja, Journalist ‑Vernetta O’Loughlin, Unison ‑Victoria Ridler, Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck ‑viv acious, Unison Steward ‑Vlaudin Vega,  ‑Volkhard Mosler, ver.di (Germany) ‑Wim Verhulst, PVDA ‑Yoshihide Kitahata, ATTAC Japan ‑Yusef Dójuara,  ‑Yusur AlBahrani, International Socialists, member ‑Zhaleh Sahand,  ‑هاجر الفاتحي , حزب النهج الديمقراطي

What you can do:

  • Add your name to the statement via this online form
  • Join us on Wednesday 21 August at the Egyptian Embassy in London, 26 South Street, W1K 1DW when we hand in initial signatures (you can still add your name to the statement after this date)

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