Sudan: Students lead protests against blackouts and cuts

Protesters in Al-Nohood City, 14 October 2012

Students at the University of West Kordofan in Al-Nohood City mobilised protests on 14 October, against electricity blackouts in the city, cuts in public services and the rising cost of living. Sudanese activists told MENA Solidarity Network that the demonstration was suppressed violently by the security forces and police, assisted by students of the National Conference, the ruling party in Sudan and a number of people were arrested from inside the hospital. By Wednesday 17 October protests had spread across the city with slogans being raised calling for the downfall of the regime.

What you can do:

  • Send a message of protest to the Sudanese Embasssy in the UK calling on the Sudanese authorities to respect the right to peaceful protest via the website here
  • Pass a resolution in your trade union branch in solidarity with the Sudanese protesters, send us a copy via to forward to Sudan.
  • Read more on the background to the Sudanese protests here

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