Egypt: Striking Cairo bus workers take protest to parliament

Thousands of workers at the Public Transport Authority in Cairo are continuing their strike. The bus workers are fighting against corruption in the PTA, for better pay and conditions, and for investment in the public transport system. They have been asking how come the PTA makes millions of pounds in profits while bus workers earn 500 pounds a month for working 10 hour shifts, starting at 4am.

The video clip above was filmed by a solidarity delegation of students from Ain Shams University who joined the bus workers’ sit-in outside Parliament. Chants raised by the strikers target the rich and complacent politicians: “Listen up Lords and Ladies – a kilo of meat is ten pounds” “Who are they and who are we? They’re the ones who travel by plane while we die on the buses” “They’re all dressed in the latest fashion – and we’re living ten to a room” “Listen up moneymen – you’re a bunch of thieves!”

Transport workers have been at the forefront of the upturn in strikes recently, and several large strikes by bus workers have demanded complete renationalisation of bus services which were semi-privatised before the revolution. The Cairo PTA workers are also demanding to be brought back under the Ministry of Transport, as opposed to being run by Cairo governorate.

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