Egypt: Independent unions call for workers’ protest as parliament opens

The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions has called for workers to join a protest on 23 January, as the newly-elected Egyptian parliament opens. A demonstration will start from the Federation offices off the nearby Qasr al-Aini street at 12 noon on 23 Jan and march to the parliament buildings.

In a call for the protest published on 21 January, the Federation said: “We will say to the MPs who succeeded in the elections: ‘We are the workers and peasants, we have demands which we want to see met. The first of these demands is our right to organise and the quick implementation of the law of trade union freedoms, and the minimum and maximum wages.”

“We want you to put money into the companies which workers have returned to the public sector, and to get them working again. We have many other demands which we want to be met so that we can live in our country with dignity.”

To join protests in solidarity with the revolution outside Egypt during 21-28 January see here for details.

To send a message of solidarity greetings to Egyptian workers on the first anniversary of the revolution, email

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