Egypt: Solidarity with the Revolution on 25 January 2012

Egyptian activists abroad are organising protests for the continuation of the revolution and calling for the downfall of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) on 25 January 2012. Revolutionaries in Egypt will be also mobilising on that day, which marks the anniversary of the beginning of the revolution.

All those in Egypt and around the world who are continuing the fight for the revolution’s goals of bread, freedom and social justice still need our solidarity and support. A year after Mubarak’s fall, Mubarak’s generals are still in power, and have become ever more brutal in their efforts to crush dissent.

Yet the Egyptian people have shown they will continue the struggle. Workers’ strikes and protests continue on a daily basis across the country demanding better wages and conditions at work, decent jobs and to rid workplaces of corrupt bosses linked to the old ruling party. Revolutionary activists have refused to be intimidated by the SCAF’s attempts to beat them off the streets, and are organising dozens of local protests and events to expose the military council’s lies about protesters.

Demonstrations in solidarity with the revolution on 21-25 January are already planned in the following cities:
21 January (Global Day to Support the Egyptian Revolution)

New York Event: Global Day to Support the Egyptian Revolution in NYC –

Vancouver Event: Global Day to support the Egyptian Revolution – Vancouver

Toronto Event: Global Day to Support the Egyptian Revolution – Toronto

Ottawa Event: January 25 Protest Outside the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa

Boston Event: Global Day to Support Egypt Revolution (Boston Event) –

Washington DC Event: Global Day to Support Egypt Revolution (Washington DC Event) –

Chicago: Global Day to Support Egypt Revolution (Chicago) –

Minnesota Event: The National Initiative to save the Egyptian revolution –

Norway, Oslo Event: Global Day for å støtte den egyptiske revolusjonen, Oslo

o اليوم العالمى لدعم الثورة المصرية بفرنسا 21 يناير 2012

Madrid (Midan Sol) in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution. And 22 January will be a demonstration at the Egyptian Embassy.

25 January
UK – Protest outside the Egyptian Embassy, 26 South Street, London
Egyptian activists will be there from 12 noon – Occupy London activists will join the protest from 5pm. Student activists and trade unionists are also mobilising.

France, Germany (Details here), and Belgium
Facebook event here:

Piazzo Loreto, Milan, 1500 – 2000

Sweden – Protest in front of the Egyptian Embassy (3.30pm). See also this message from Occupy Stockholm

28 January
Ireland – Public Forum: The Arab Spring, One Year On (organised by Irish Anti War Movement, Islamic Foundation in Ireland and the Islamic Cultural Centre). 4-6pm Liberty Hall, Dublin

Let us know of any other international protests on 25 January and we will publicize them here. Email menasolidarity@gmail or leave a comment below, or find us on Facebook:

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