Syria: Activists plan strikes ‘until the fall of the regime’

Revolutionaries in Syria are calling for mass participation in a series of actions building up to a general strike across the public sector by the end of December. The ‘Dignity Strike’ campaign, according to the Al-Jazeera report above, will go through six phases. Beginning on 12 December, revolutionaries will call for a partial strike between 8 am and 2pm, and a strike by school students. The next phase, set to begin on 14 December will involve the closure of specific neighbourhoods and strikes by office workers, while supporters of the strike will shut off their mobile phones between 2pm to 6pm. The third phase, involving a strike by shops and commercial establishments is set to begin on 17 December. Universities are expected to join the strike on 21 December.

The fourth phase will involve a transport strike  which is planned for 24 December and activists say they will set up roadblocks and stop traffic between Syria’s cities. By 27 December, the fifth phase will see a call to Syrian government employees to strike. The final phase, from 29 November will see the revolutionary movement attempt to shut down Syria’s international transport links.

Meanwhile activists in Cairo were mobilising in solidarity with the Syrian revolution – with a protest in support of the Dignity Strike planned for 12 December in front of the Syrian embassy.

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