Egypt: Healthworkers in London send solidarity to colleagues in the Tahrir field hospitals

Healthworkers in London send solidarity to the revolutionaries in Tahrir Square and particularly to our colleagues working in the field hospitals there.

We send our sincere condolences on the death of Dr Rania Fouad who was martyred on Tuesday 22nd November and we utterly condemn the attacks of the Egyptian police and army on the workers in the Tahrir Square field hospitals and their patients. We call on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to immediately stop this barbarity.

Andrew Ridley – UNISON
Robert Mowat – UNITE
Mark Boothroyd – UNSION, student nurse
Esme Choonara – Ambulance worker, UNISON
Rachel Eborall – East London Mental Health UNISON
Janet Maiden – Branch Chair, UNISON, University College London Hospital and UNISON Health Service Group Executive (pc)
And the London Healthworker Network


Dear colleagues,
I am writing this letter to you both as a trade unionist and a healthworker. Your courage in this battle is a real inspiration to us and we strongly support your struggle from afar. In Britain in a few days we’ll be entering the most important battle of our lives as we take part in mass strikes to defend our pensions from the cuts of David Cameron’s government on 30 November. We’re facing attacks in the media and pressure from our employers but we find it impossible to imagine the conditions of death, gas and bullets that you are working in.
Despite this, there are many connections between our struggles.
I know that many colleagues who are working in the Tahrir field hospitals have also been building the independent unions in the public hospitals and played an important role in leading strikes and protests to improve services for patients and win better pay and conditions for staff. These struggles are also an inspiration for us as we battle to save the our National Health Service from neo-liberalism and the cuts and privatisation policies which kill our patients in the name of shareholders’ profits.
Our prime minister David Cameron’s gift to the Egyptian Revolution was to visit Egypt with a bunch of arms dealers to support the Military Council’s suppression of the revolutionaries.
The best present the British working class can give the Egyptian Revolution is the coming strike which will shake David Cameron and his friends.
We learnt a lot from you colleagues. We learnt from Tahrir Square that the brave can make the future despite the brutality of dictatorship. We learnt that the battle for real democracy is an integral part of the struggle for social justice.

Workers of the world are really ‘one hand’ – and their best weapon is the strike!

Dave Carr – UNITE NHS London organiser

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5 thoughts on “Egypt: Healthworkers in London send solidarity to colleagues in the Tahrir field hospitals

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  3. Egyptian people give a new phase to the revolution that spreads across the world.the workers of the world are suffering more or less same exploitation as workers of egypt are facing from many decades.but the the state terrorism and repression during Military junta show the real face of rulers.i think the workers of egypt can better understand that the struggle is not about new faces but an alternative system that bring a new and better society for the people across the globe.we all are obviously encouraged by the struggle in Tahrir Square..we all are with salute to the revolutionaries and the martyrs!consider the solidarity from Pakistan.Long live revolution!

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