Egypt: Workers remove Water Company Head

Egyptian workers’ battle continues to purge their institutions of remnants of the previous regime, where today the President of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation acceded to workers’ demands at the Water Company, and issued a decision to remove the CEO of the Company. In a dramatic series of events on 27 August, hundreds of angry workers attacked the CEO because of money deducted from their salaries for the month of August under the pretext of the workers’ having received them a few months ago, this decision was based on instructions from the President of the holding company itself!

The workers barricaded all the doors with iron chains, and chanted against the CEO demanding he resign, the military police was called in to try and control the Mayhem. Hours after the siege with no way of getting out of the building, the CEO was forced to submit his resignation.

The workers had received bonuses after the 25th of January, but the President of the holding Company, General Syed Nasr, decided this month to withdraw these amounts from the workers. Staff confirmed that Nasr had asked them to end their sit-in, asserting that the rest of their requests will be implemented when the new head of board comes in.

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