Egypt: Waste Treatment Factory Workers on Strike

Workers at the waste treatment factory in Daqahliya continue their strike for the 6th day running, after they announced an indefinite strike on the 22nd of August until their demands are met.

They are demanding permanent worker status, to give them rights that the all workers in the public sector receive, stable monthly wages, health and social security benefits, bonuses and allowances. They are also calling for a minimum wage of 700 EGP, as well as raising the meal allowance from 5 to 10 Egyptian pounds as well as a 15% monthly bonus to be paid.

One worker said, “Out of 70 workers most of us have been working here for over 3 years, and yet not one of us has been granted permanence. We want management to be removed from office.” The workers refused to take heed of management’s threat to report them to the military police and dismiss them from their jobs.

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