Model motion: Solidarity with resistance to the coup in Sudan

This union branch notes: 

  • The widespread popular resistance to the military coup in Sudan since 25 October 2021, including mass strikes, protests and civil disobedience
  • The violent response by the armed forces and RSF militia to these peaceful protests opposing the seizure of power by the military, including the killing and beating of demonstrators and widespread campaigns of arrests directed at activists and trade unionists 
  • The call by the resistance committees (popular, neighbourhood-based bodies mobilising the uprising), many trade unions and the Sudanese Professionals Association for the removal of the military from power and the formation of a new, entirely civilian government to lead Sudan. The same bodies are also demanding that the military leaders are brought to trial and held accountable for their crimes against the people. 
  • The historic and current role played by Western governments and their regional allies (especially Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel) in bolstering the power of the Sudanese military and militias through supplying arms and equipment, providing training and offering them privileged status in diplomatic negotiations, bypassing civilian figures. 
  • The role of international financial institutions including the World Bank and IMF in undermining the transition to democracy by their failure to cancel Sudan’s enormous debts despite the disastrous condition of the economy. 

This union branch believes: 

  • Mobilising solidarity with the Sudanese revolution is an urgent task for the international trade union movement

This union branch resolves

  • To write to the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss (copied to our local MP) calling on the British government to cease all forms of cooperation with the Sudanese military and to end arms sales to the coup leaders’ regional backers (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel). 
  • To call on our national union and the TUC to do the same. 
  • To send our union banner and a message of solidarity to protests organised by Sudanese activists in Britain opposing the coup and encourage members to attend
  • To circulate information about the situation in Sudan to our members including the open letter initiated by MENA Solidarity
  • To affiliate to MENA Solidarity (details here:

What you can do: 

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