Out now: Middle East Solidarity Issue 16

Issue 16 – The art of resistance from the river to the sea

available from June 2021

Middle East Solidarity magazine is now available to download. During the Covid-19 crisis we are suspending our print publications temporarily, but you can help support our work by making a donation for your copy below. Click to take out an annual solidarity subscription. Download your pdf of the current issue here.


Donate £2 for a digital copy of our magazine

You can download a pdf of our magazine by clicking on the link above – by making a small donation you can support our ongoing campaigns even when we can’t sell printed copies. Click on the visa or paypal sign to choose your payment method


Cover story

Tears that taste of the sea
Algerian artist Rachid Koraïchi tells Almaas Yahye and Julie Henri about his project in Zarsis, Tunisia, a memorial garden commemorating the lives of people who drowned trying to cross the sea to Europe and how his work reflects the struggle against injustice.


Egypt’s revolutionary art, ten years on
Fareid Atta explores the multiple and contested legacies of revolutionary art in Egypt.

Showing some steel: workers battle for Helwan
Francesco De Lellis, Gianni Del Panta, and Mattia Giampaolo report on a heroic fight to save jobs at Helwan Iron and Steel Company in Egypt.

Rewriting history
A campaign by Zionist organisations pushed educational publisher Pearson to alter GCSE textbooks: Miriam Scharf investigates.


Vaccine Apartheid
Israel’s Covid-19 vaccination programme “success” hides a policy of systematic discrimination against Palestinians, Hugo Leal reports.

We’re not machines for birthing children’
Egyptian women challenge the sexist legal system

Striking for dignity
Algerian workers walk out to demand social justice amid ongoing repression

News reports

Palestine strike signals return of unified resistance
Shifts in the balance of regional power
‘Your protests are giving us hope’

Campaign reports

Campaign wins Italian citizenship for Patrick Zaki
Algerian activists appeal for solidarity
Palestine protests surge
Italian dockers block Israeli ship bound for Ashdod

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