Out now: Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 11

Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 11

available from July 2019

Middle East Solidarity magazine is now available to order from Bookmarks bookshop for £3 or can be downloaded as a pdf [Middle_East_Solidarity11_FINAL_WEB] Contact Bookmarks if you would like to make a bulk order for your trade union branch (discounts available).

Throughout 4-7 July, the magazine will be available to buy from Bookmarks at Marxism Festival at Queen Mary, University of London in Mile End. Also look out for our stall at the event. 

Cover story

Sudan: the regime strikes back
Bolstered by the support of their regional allies, El Bashir’s generals are trying to snuff out the mass movement, warns Anne Alexander.

‘Bullets cannot kill the desire for freedom’
The brutal attack on the sit-in at the army headquarters will not crush the desire for revolutionary change says Zeinab Ahmed.

Algeria: the storm breaks
A mass movement on an extraordinary scale seems set on a collision course with the military core of Algeria’s authoritarian regime. With Gianni Del Panta, Lemnaouar Hamamouche, Kamel Aissat and Selma Oumari.


‘I am my own guardian’
Women are speaking out against Saudi Arabia’s oppressive male guardianship system, writes Ghadeer

First person

‘We will not be party to a war atrocity’
Gianni Del Panta interviews Genoa dockworkers who went on strike to stop a Saudi ship from loading military equipment.

Last stand of the Syrian rebellion?
The Assad regime’s brutal assault on Idlib and Hama will not be forgotten.

News reports

  • Court win boosts battle to stop Saudi arms sales
  • Morsi murdered by medical neglect
  • Moroccan teachers and medical students lead new wave of protests

Campaign reports

  • Sudan solidarity goes global
  • Algerian activists mobilise in London; Trade unionists rally support for uprisings
  • Ahed Tamimi in London; Campaign launched for Louisa Hanoune

Art Appeal
Fundraiser for injured Sudanese protesters

Back page
What lies behind the US drive to war with Iran?

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