UCU Congress votes for #SudanStrikeSolidarity

Delegates at the annual congress of higher and further education union UCU have voted to support the struggle of the Sudanese people for democracy and social justice on the eve of a general strike called by the Sudanese Professionals Association to demand an immediate handover of power to a civilian government.

Motion from Liverpool UCU as passed with amendments from Newcastle UCU

Congress condemns the violence against Sudanese demonstrators by the Al-Bashir government.

Congress condemns school and university closures and the arrest, torture and killing of students, teachers and academics.

Congress condemns the attacks on doctors.

Congress supports the demonstrators’ demands to bring down Al-Bashir’s regime and their right to protest and organise unions without fear of repression.

Congress demands the release of all imprisoned demonstrators and organisers.

The UK government must stop all trade and aid to Al-Bashir’s regime. 66% of government revenue goes to ‘security’.

Congress agrees to support and publicise the Sudanese campaigns such as Justice For Sudan and urge attendance on their demos.

Congress instructs NEC to:

meet Sudanese trade unions to discuss solidarity
write to the UK government
supporting a democratic, civilian transitional authority in Sudan
demanding an immediate end to military sales to and security cooperation with individuals and groups in Sudan responsible for human rights abuses.

Congress says refugees welcome here.

11 thoughts on “UCU Congress votes for #SudanStrikeSolidarity

  1. As a dual British Sudanese national , this has made me so proud of both my countries. Thank you for raising your voice and standing for justice and what is right.

  2. أعلن انضمامي التام للإضراب في السودان بصفتي بريطانيه سودانية واعمل في مجال التدريس في المدارس البريطانية بمدينه ليفربول في بريطاني thank you for raising the voice and standing for Justice

  3. يا شعبا لهبك ثوريتك
    ومدنية خيار الشعب
    Thank you for raising the voice and standing for Justice

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