“We stand with Sudan general strike” – Sudanese doctors in UK and Ireland

Sudanese doctors at the heart of the revolutionThe Sudanese Professionals Association has called on protesters to prepare for a general strike to demand that the ruling Transitional Military Council meets the demand for a civilian government. Across Sudan and around the world, Sudanese activists are showing they back the general strike call by posting pictures online to create an “attendance book” for the strike, showing their willingness to shut down offices, factories and services to force through democratic change and stop the military holding onto to political power.
The Sudan Doctors’ Union in Ireland and the UK released a statement on 21 May backing the strike:
Following five months of streets protesting and seven weeks of mass sit-in in front of the army headquarters, the nation of Sudan is about to launch a major general strike, calling sectors of civil society, government and business employees for their signature and approval following recent faltered negotiations with Sudan Transitional Military Council.
We, Sudan Doctors Unions branches Ireland and the United Kingdom support #SudanUprising and our nation testament not to replace military authority with  another one.
Today, Sudan people are united more than ever. We stand with the Sudanese Professionals Association call for all unions, civil societies and community leaders to sign “the attendance book” in preparation for a  general strike and political disobedience once it’s declared.
SDUI and SDU-UK berate any proposed Sovereign Council representation that does not reflect the Sudanese Revolution manifested by the Declaration of Freedom and Change. We warn against any use of violence toward peaceful protesters anywhere in our beloved country.
Peace, Freedom and Justice
Sudanese Doctors Union of Ireland SDUI
Sudan Doctors’ Union UK Branch SDU-UK
What you can do:
  • Urge your trade union to back the call for solidarity with workers’ action in Sudan and Algeria – go here for more details
  • Send a message of solidarity for the strike to action@menasolidaritynetwork.net
  • Download signs to print out and take a photo – mention us Facebook or Twitter () and we will pass on to Sudanese trade unions

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