Middle East Solidarity issue 8 – available now


Middle East Solidarity magazine is now available to buy from Bookmarks bookshop for £3 or can be downloaded as a pdf [MESM 8 FINAL_lowres]. Contact Bookmarks if you would like to make a bulk order for your trade union branch (discounts available).

Cover story
Jerusalem: whose capital?
Miriam Scharf debunks claims of 3,000 years of “Jewish sovereignty”

This is Bahrain
Right-wing Zionists, Evangelical Christians and Bahrain’s repressive monarchy are working together to burnish the royal family’s tarnished image.
The end of the two-state solution?
The Palestinian Authority has led the Palestinian movement into a dead-end, argues Richard Donnelly

Human rights at the crossroads
The Bahraini government is using the rhetoric of human rights to cover up ongoing abuses and repression
Resistance is still alive
Despite the difficulties of organising under intense repression, Egyptian trade unionists continue to fight back, says Fatma Ramadan

Knowledge itself is suspect
The Egyptian authorities’ fear of academic inquiry has led to tragic results, Khaled Fahmy argues.

First person
Eyewitness to Turkish state repression
‘B’ tells the story of how she was forced to flee her job as a lecturer for signing a peace petition
Anti-racist unity helped bring Ibrahim home
Memet Uludag tells the story behind the battle to free Irish teenager Ibrahim Halawa from jail in Egypt
We will have justice for Giulio
Laurie Blair demands answers from the Egyptian regime on forced disappearances

News reports

  • Qatar: a major step forward for workers’ rights?
  • Airstrikes hit Syrian regime but aid money goes short;
  • Two years without Giulio marked by Italian protests
  • One of the world’s biggest prisons for journalists

Campaign reports

  • Demanding justice for Egypt’s disappeared
  • Standing up for LGBT+ in Egypt
  • Saudi prince not welcome

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