Event: From Egypt to the Gulf – Repression made in Britain

made_in_britain_FBcover1From the military regime of Abdelfattah al-Sisi in Egypt, to the reactionary monarchies of the Gulf, British backing enables repression across the Middle East. British arms, financial assistance and diplomatic support, help dictators and despots get away with killing protesters and silencing dissent. That’s why our campaigns in solidarity with activists in the region who continue to resist these regimes are so important. Join us at this meeting to hear about their struggles for justice and democracy.

Thursday 19 November, 7pm

Room L67, SOAS main building, Russell Square


Evronia Azer (Egyptian activist and researcher)
Ahmed Ali (Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy)
Sarah Waldron (Campaign Against Arms Trade)
Anne Alexander (Egypt Solidarity)

Facebook event here

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