Middle East Solidarity magazine – out now

Middle East Solidarity magazine

Issue 1: MESolidarity_coverMay2015_webMay 2015

Events in the Middle East often dominate the news, but it is the stories of war, sectarian violence and western military intervention which grab the headlines. Middle East Solidarity  shows a different side to the region. We report on resistance to repression and imperialism from Morocco to Yemen, covering the strikes and protests which are missed by the mainstream media. We hope to carry the voices and stories of the women and men who are still fighting for bread, freedom and social justice to new audiences. Our practical guides to campaigning and resources for activists aim to build a stronger solidarity movement.

Middle East Solidarity is a joint project of MENA Solidarity Network, Egypt Solidarity Initiative and Bahrain Watch, and is supported by funding from UCU, PCS, NUT and a number of Trades Union Councils and local trade union branches.

In our first issue:

  • Cover story: The Gulf’s tyrants and their British backers John Horne and Anne Alexander expose the British politicians and corporations who are working hand in glove with the despots of the Gulf.
  • News: Mokhtar Ben Hafsa writes on the Tunisian teachers’ strike, Mohamed Boutayeb reports on how Moroccan public sector workers are challenging new anti-trade union laws, and Sherif Azer examines Egypt’s terrorism laws. Plus Bahraini activists speak out against the new British naval base, protests against intervention in Yemen and popular resistance in Syria.
  • Features: Nadine Marroushi tells the story of Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment (OpAntiSH) in Egypt whose courageous activists fought to make Tahrir Square a safe space for women to protest. Sameh Naguib and Joseph Daher explore the role of sectarianism in the counter-revolutions, arguing that it is the defeat of revolutionary alternatives, not ‘age-old hatreds’ which lie behind current conflicts.
  • First person: We publish Hanaa Soltan’s moving letter to her brother Mohamed, recently sentenced to 25 years in jail by an Egyptian court.

Plus campaign guides, cartoons and resources.

Individual print copies are available priced at £3 (plus postage). Bulk orders of 10 and above priced at £2 per copy.

Download a digital version here: MENA solidarity for web (large file 6Mb)

Online and postal orders are available via Bookmarks Bookshop.

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