Hundreds defy protest law in Cairo march for Palestine

Egypt Solidarity

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Egyptian activists took to the streets of Cairo in defiance of the anti-protest law to express solidarity with the Palestinians as the Israeli attack on Gaza intensified. A rally on the steps of the Egyptian Journalists’ Union in central Cairo attracted hundreds of protesters and triggered a spontaneous march through the streets. Demonstrators distributed leaflets condemning President El-Sisi’s failure to live up to his promise of “immediate support” for any Arab country under foreign attack, and demanding the opening of the Rafah Crossing in to Gaza and the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.

A widespread crackdown on protests has seen tens of thousands jailed by Egypt’s military regime. A recent march by human rights activists to the presidential palace was attacked and dozens arrested on 21 June.

What you can do

  • Find out more here about the campaign against the protest law in Egypt
  • Join our…

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