National Union of Students backs campaign against repression in Egypt

Egypt Solidarity

The National Executive of the National Union of Students, a confederation of 600 student unions across the UK, passed a resolution yesterday, 20 February, condemning the repression in Egypt. The resolution mandates the NUS to work with other education unions and MENA Solidarity Network around a broad-based solidarity initiative in defence of Egyptians under threat from the military regime.

Amy Gilligan who proposed the motion, told Egypt Solidarity:

“I’m pleased that this motion had widespread support from members of the National Union of Students National Executive Council. The struggles by people in Egypt over the last 3 years have been an inspiration internationally to those fighting for social justice. Showing our solidarity with those struggling in Egypt is crucial, particularly when they are facing such severe repression from the military and security forces.”

Motion 1: Solidarity with Egyptian activists and students
Proposed by: Amy Gilligan
Seconded by: James McAsh, Edmund Schluessel

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